Getting up-do-date in Kansas City.

With everyone coming over to watch the game on Sunday, Ben and I talked and decided it was time for a new t.v. Our old one was a 42″ plasma dinosaur that had “burn-in” issues and a not-very-bright picture. We’ve been meaning to replace it, but it just hasn’t been a priority. Anyway, we like Chad’s new 65″ Sony high-def model so much that we took Dub over to Best Buy Wednesday after school and bought one just like it – sound system and all. Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” delivered it this afternoon. I picked Dub up early from school so he’d be here to see it installed and get instructions. The Geek Squad dudes were great and had it set up in about 30 minutes. Then they went through the system and controls and explained everything. I’m not sure if I understand it all but Dub definitely does. I guess we can get him to help us out if we have problems operating it 🙂