The eyes have it!

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing hotter than looking into the eyes of a dude who’s got your dick in his mouth. 🙂

The heat has been brutal down here lately – with daily highs of 99 to 104 degrees. It’s been too hot to even be out on the lake during the day, although Chad and Raef have been taking the kids out fishing some mornings at six o’clock. So… with the kids out of school and this ridiculous heat, it’s been “Hawks nest” to the rescue. Every day, we’re thankful to Chad for coming up with the idea of buying the building – and to Alex for his brilliant execution. The kids (and dogs) absolutely love “the nest” and have been spending every afternoon over there. We have a “2 adult minimum” rule for when the kids are at the “nest” and it hasn’t been a problem getting volunteers. We do inside stuff for a while – then run out to the water feature – then back inside. The pickle ball court is a big hit and there’s always 2 or 3 on the climbing wall. Daisy wants to spend all her time out with the fountains. She goes out and barks until the water starts then tries to catch the spray in her mouth. She’s a “hoot”!
Since we’ve been at “the nest” most afternoons, we’ve all been watching Jeopardy on the giant screen TV. It’s been cool having Ken Jennings back hosting. According to “” Mayim and Ken will continue the hosting split next season which I guess is o.k. although we would have preferred having Ken as the sole full-time host.
Guys, stay inside and stay cool until this heat breaks. 100 degree temps are dangerous! xoxo David and Ben

Dude. How about some (mostly) “G-rated” Eye Candy!

I don’t want to shock you guys, but the truth is, sometimes Ben and I disagree. It’s never a big deal… and, of course we always work it out… but we do, in fact sometimes disagree. So it was on Monday when Ben told me he thought we should sell our Harleys and use the money to pay for the boat we’re buying. I knew the bikes were a big deal to him, so I told him there was no need to sell them… that we could buy the boat and we’d be fine financially. But Ben absolutely hates being in debt and insisted we should sell them. I said, “Babe, we own our house and cars outright and your student loans are paid off… the only debts we’ll have are the cabin and the boat. When you consider that we’re a two-income family now, those two payments won’t be a problem.” Then, he said, “I just don’t like being in debt, and besides… we need to be saving money for Dub’s college.” I said, “We put money in Dub’s college account every month and so do his grandparents. He’s only five, so in 12 years or so when he’s ready for college, he’ll be in great shape.” He said, “I know. But we’re getting a 15-year loan on the cabin and if we double up on the payments, we can pay it off in a little over 7 years. That’ll give us a lot of time for college and retirement savings.”
It kind of went on and on… and, as you probably guessed, we’re going to sell the Harleys. I guess we’re trading one kind of toy for another 🙂