Let’s face it, dude!

We’re hoping “Denny” will pick one of these dudes and tell us his story. Maybe some of the rest of you guys would like to do the same?

Dude. It’s about those ‘brows!

Our best-bud, “Jingle” commented today, saying:
“A few days ago, Beto and Anthony discussed an “Eyebrows” post… May I suggest intensely smoldering hot, handsome and hung #26 as the keynote of that post?!?!”
Well…. that’s him in pic #!. Just one of 48 dudes with insanely HOT eyebrows.
We’re wondering what part(s) of the male body we haven’t featured in URD posts.
…. ummmmmm … did someone say “navels”?

It’s a Friday “flashback” to the eyes of a dick sucker!

David’s old files from “Unrulyboi,” “UnrulyDude,” and “Bad-Ass Boys” are full of “EYES” posts.
Makes me remember the day we met – over in the park – and I was there with a couple of other guys and we were tossing around a football… and I saw this dude – way across the park – and our eyes met – from a long way apart – and I kept passing the football – but I kept looking – and our eyes would meet again… and again. So, we ended up behind some cedars over by the railroad tracks and I remember David looking in my eyes while he sucked my dick until I blew in his mouth – and we never lost eye contact while it was happening.
So, David and I are both all about eyes. We look into each others’ eyes while we fuck – and we never lose eye contact while we’re sucking each other off.
And, it’s more than that. Somehow, we just communicate with our eyes. I can tell if he’s happy… or sad… or horny… or hungry… or upset… or whatever – just by looking at his beautiful green eyes. As you might guess, my eyes are brown… and David says he can just look at me and “get lost in the brown haze.” He says stuff like that sometimes.
Then, there’s Dub… who has these amazing blue eyes – that just sort of project his thoughts and ideas while you’re looking at ’em. He can sing the whole alphabet song now… A through Z. And he’s only three.
We’re some real lucky guys, I think. Happy and livin’ the life!