Check it out, dude. Friends Friday Fantasies!

Last week, our friend “Denny” commented, saying:
“No complaints, not even a smidgeon – 😉 – but what happened to Friendly Fridays with Keon and/or Rick? Will we be seeing them again?”
Thank you, Denny. That means a lot to Keon and me. We like the idea of helping David and Ben with URD, but knowing that you guys appreciate what we do is really special. This week, I thought it’d be fun to post some black and white cartoons/drawings. As far a I can tell, there’s never been a post like this and it seems like a nice change of pace. I’ve included a bunch of hirsute dudes for you guys who like your men hairy – and, of course a few black dudes for… well…um…err… ME! Hope you guys have as much fun with these as I did putting the post together!