Check it out, dude. FCCOJ!

Hi. It’s Silas. Ben thought you’d be interested in hearing about a new “friend” Dante and I have met. We’ve been spending some time up at the site for our “rainbow aerie” and there’s a dog running loose up there. We haven’t been able to get very close to her because she’s afraid – but Dub told us to just sit on a stump or something and talk softly with her and toss her a treat from time-to-time. So we’ve been doing that for about three weeks and yesterday afternoon she walked up to within about six feet from us to get a treat. We don’t know anything about her but she seems young and looks like she might be at least part golden retriever? She’s shaggy and dirty and her hair is matted… and we think she’s beautiful. We’re going to keep going up there at the same time every afternoon and hope someday soon she’ll trust us enough to let us pet her. Dub said to give her a name and use it when we talk to her, so we’re calling her “Daisy.” We’re hoping maybe the three of us can share our new home at the “aerie.” We’ll keep you posted. Hugs, Silas and Dante

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Jimmy, happy birthday to you!

Today is our wonderful friend Jimmy’s (aka Wonderboy’s) birthday. He’s one of our dearest friends and a long-time big part of UnrulyDude. He’s one of a very small group of friends who have shared pics of themselves for the pleasure of our friends/viewers. In fact, it was back on May 27, 2013 when we posted his wonderful, very personal pics.
Jimmy… WE LOVE YOU, BABE. We hope your birthday brings good health and happiness beyond your wildest imaginings. xoxo forever.
David, Ben and the Northland gang

Hey, guys. it’s a bunch of “real dude selfies.”

This is gonna be a real long post, so if you guys just wannta look at the pics and skip the story, that’s cool with us.
It all started the day after Dub and I finished school – and my car had died and we jump-started it and got it over to Christian Brothers auto repair. It wasn’t good news. It had close to 300k miles on it – the tires were shot – and it needed a bunch motor and transmission work. I got an estimate and David said I was crazy if I kept putting money into it. So, long story short, I made some calls and donated it to a charity and we went looking for a new car. The minute I saw the Honda CR-V, I was in love… so it was a matter of picking the model and color and deciding where to buy it. I’d thought I’d get another “silver” color, but we were at Legends Honda and I saw a “basque red” one – and that was it. We ended up buying it at Lees’ Summit Honda because they gave me the best price and the sales people were just totally cool. So that was that – and we were ready to head to the lake for the Memorial Day holiday.
We’d made plans in advance – and Dub, Austin and Travon wanted to ride in the new car – so David and I took both our cars. We had a ton of lake stuff, plus the boys and the dogs… so we loaded up and headed to Springfield where we spend the night with the grandparents. On Friday, we all went to lunch at Pizza House and got carry-out par-baked pizzas for Friday night at the lake.
We got to the cabin about three o’clock Friday afternoon. Jim and Carol had the cabin and grounds spotlessly clean and there was a tupperware container of brownies on the kitchen counter with a note that said “These are pretty yummy and safe for all ages. Check with Jim and me for some more interesting, adult-only treats. Love. Carol.” So David, the boys and I all had milk and brownies and got the cars unloaded.
Keon and Rick showed up at about three-thirty and we were ready to get the weekend started.
I just realized how long this is gonna be, so I’m gonna do this post tonight and we’ll pick it up here tomorrow. It’s a really long story 🙂