It’s a Friends Friday visit with another favorite male artist!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. A couple of weeks ago I had fun doing a post of male artwork by Matthew Conway – and so, today I thought maybe we’d take a look at The Nude Sketchbook of Felipe Filipi. I haven’t been able to find biographical information on Felipe, but one of his postings says:
“I want to thank all the 116 boys that entrusted and sent the photos I drew, the boys who sent the photos I’ll still draw, and everyone following my page.”
His page is:
Apparently the sketches are all drawn from photos sent to Felipe by boys who like his art. When I showed these to Ben, I told him I thought he should try to find an address for Felipe and send him a pic he could convert into a drawing. Ben laughed and said, “What about you? I’m sure he’d love drawing a cute ginger boy.” Then, of course, there’d be Keon with his big dick and David and Alex and pretty blond boy Spence. I seriously doubt if any of us would do that – but it’s fun to think about.
Hope you guys enjoy Felipe’s amazing work!