Dude. Ya got a itch, ya gotta scratch it!

Hi, guys. It’s Rick. Since I didn’t get this posted on Friday, I guess we’ll call it “Friends Sunday.” Sorry about that.
Here’s the thing. Sometimes when Keon and I are all sexed-up, instead of sucking and fucking we jack off together. Yup. Just grab our dicks and spank our monkeys. We maybe sniff each others pits or kiss a bit, but mainly we just beat off. I’ve noticed when we do that, Keon usually has one or more of his fingers in his butt and, of course so do I. Keon says any guy who says he doesn’t like to finger his hole while he’s wankin’ his crank is probably also an election denier. So, I hope you’ll like these pics of dudes fingering their buttholes while they’re doing whatever else feels good. xoxo Rick (and Keon)

We’ve all been really busy getting ready for the big Halloween hayride and costume party at Hawks nest. Ben, Chad and Silas have invited all the kids in their school to the hayride… plus all parents and other teachers to the costume party. It’s the first social thing for all the kids, teachers and parents so it’ll be really interesting to see how it works out. I’m guessing (or at least hoping) everyone will have a great time! We’ll let you know.

Dude. It’s time for some good ‘ole “suck ‘n finger” action!

Yesterday, Jingle commented, saying:
“At the risk of being too graphic, I love it if a dude finger-fucks me while he’s blowing me!!
And it’s amazing how many “straight” dudes get off on it, if you gradually and subtly add it to the repertoire!! (But NEVER speak of it!! They might dig it… but they don’t like it called to their attention!! 🙂 haha)
It’s been well over two years since we had a “Finger-Fucking” post… And that wasn’t dedicated to fingering while blowing!!
Think we could have a post of dudes (especially sketchy Rough Trade types) getting their sweet holes digitally attended to, while their cocks and balls are getting orally serviced?!?! Thanks!! 🙂 ”
We thought it was a great idea (as did Bill S and Denny) so we got right to work on it. What we found was these pics are hard to find – and “rough trade types” doing it are apparently impossible. Anyway, these are the best we could come up with. Hope you guys like these pics as much as you like “suck ‘n finger” action!

Scratchin’ the itch!

We had a comment yesterday from our main bud, Jingle, saying:
“On a side note… Love the finger-fucking in #28 and #48!! But that’s another post for another day!! haha”
After the comment, Denny said: “Guys, you can add my name to Jingle’s side note. I would LOVE to see a post devoted to finger fucking!!”
We thought it an EXCELLENT idea – and a theme we’ve never done… so here are some boys either gettin’ their itch scratched – or scratchin’ their own. Thanks for the great idea, guys!