“My first time”

On Wednesday, our buddy “Tim” commented, saying:
“Just a thought I had for a possible post topic. Perhaps titled “My first time.” Pictures depicting scenes of what might pass for guys having some sort of sex with another guy for their first time. An invitation on the post for all who follow your blog to reply with stories of their first man-to-man sex experiences. I think it could prove to be interesting… and Hot…”
We think this is one of our best post suggestions ever. Everyone has a “first time” story and we’d LOVE to hear yours. You can share your story either by commenting… or sending it to us at:
Come on, guys. “Inquiring minds want to know.” Please tell us about your “first time.”

Well. We’re moved. And we’re “Northlanders” no-more. This all started in the middle of March as we realized that the incomes of the members of the Northland gang were being adversely effected by the COVID epidemic. None of us had lost our jobs – and we certainly weren’t “poor” but we were learning that owning a home plus a lake cabin/home was becoming increasingly problematic. So Keon, Rick, Cal, Alex, Chad, Raef, Ty, Damien, Ben and I got together to talk things over. It was an excellent meeting among best friends and the first thing we agreed on was that whatever we did about the problem, we’d do it together. The second item of agreement was that we owned “too much real estate.” This was true because of our reduced incomes, but also because we feel that if Trump wins re-election, the future of the United States is in serious jeopardy.
Our third agreement was that none of us were willing to give up our homes at the lake.
So, the first thing I did was set up a “Zoom” with a Realtor friend of many years. “Marilyn” was a school classmate of Michael’s and they were kind of lifetime best buds. All ten of us were on the “Zoom” with her and we made arrangements for her to go and look at each of our Northland homes. Three days later we had another Zoom meeting. Marilyn was really excited. She, of course knew Ben’s and my home because she’d been there many times. She’d looked at the rest of the houses and pronounced them “absolutely lovely.” She said they were all “brilliantly decorated” (thank you, Alex!) and would “show beautifully.” She said she was confident they’d all sell quickly and “for excellent prices”. So we all signed listing agreements – she did “video tours” of each – arranged for appraisals – and had them on “multi-list” within a week. The offers started coming in almost immediately.
To make a long story shorter, we had contracts on the houses and it was time to talk with the kids. Ben and I talked with Dub and explained the situation. He was calm – as usual – and had just one question. “What about my ‘caps wall’ and my rain barrels?” We assured him we’d be moving all his “stuff” to the lake. After we’d talked for a while, he said “I think it doesn’t matter where we are as long as we’re together.” We had a big three-way hug.
The rest of the guys talked with their kids and it went well. The only major concern came from Bella who was a bit upset about moving away from her friend “Kylie.” Cal and Alex assured her that Kylie could come to the lake to visit her as soon as the COVID thing gets under control and she could Zoom with her whenever she wanted. So she was o.k. with it.
Ty and Damien have decided to keep their condo in North Kansas City. Money definitely isn’t a problem for them since Ty’s father died and they said they were keeping the condo for all of us to use when in K.C. (Alex will still be doing business up there… Cal will need to be there for occasional meetings… as will Rick). Scott and Denise will also be keeping their condo in Briarcliff, at least until all the Koala Cove units are sold.
So, the houses are sold – we’ve moved “permanently” to the lake – we’re all happy and healthy – and life goes on. I guess we’re the “Table Rock gang” now. The grandparents and Jim and Carol are ecstatic!
Ben and I were pleasantly surprised with the money we received from the sale of our North K.C. home. We’ve decided to do some remodeling, and add a garage, deck, privacy fencing and hot tub. Alex has made sketches and we hope to have it done before Winter.
So that’s what’s happening in our little corner of the World. We hope this finds all of you happy, healthy and at least surviving the madness of Donald Trump.