Gone fishin’.

Rick’s brother “Chad” is one of the neatest guys we know. He’s totally straight… and a bit of a “redneck”… but he’s a good friend and tolerant (and even supportive) of gays. He was Rick’s “best man” at the wedding and has given us what seems like a ton of crappie filets since we’ve known him. He thinks Dub is about the neatest kid that ever happened and has talked a lot about taking him fishing. He called Thursday evening and said the crappie were “biting pretty good”… and asked if he could take Dub and me fishing on Friday. I asked Dub if he wanted to go and he was real excited. So, I took him over to Wal Mart and got him a fishing pole and a life jacket and some other stuff.
When we got to Smithville lake Friday afternoon, the sun was shining and the temp was about 75 degrees. A beautiful day for fishing. We met up with Chad – and when Dub saw his fishing boat, his eyes almost bugged out of his head. It’s an awesome “bass boat” with a big motor and live wells,.. the whole 9 yards. We talked with Chad for a while – put our life jackets on – got in the boat and headed off.
Chad drives the boat pretty much wide open and Dub thought it was neat – although I noticed he was holding my hand and squeezing real hard. We got to a place Chad thought would be good… got rigged up and started fishing. In just a couple of minutes, Dub got a bite and (with Chad’s help) pulled in a tiny little crappie. He was thrilled and was grinning from ear-to-ear… until Chad told him it was too little and to throw it back. When he said that, Dub said, “I’m keeping him.” Again, Chad told him he needed to throw it back and Dub said, “I’m keepin’ it and takin’ it home so dad can grille it.” Finally, I interceded and told him to throw it back so it could grow up to be a big fish. He finally tossed it back in the water, but he was PISSED. First time I’d ever seen my son get mad. The fish was tiny and Chad and I both wanted to laugh… but he was so serious, we knew better. Anyway, we caught a few more small crappie – threw them all back and Chad took us to another place. We ended up catching a whole bunch of big crappie and had a great time (Dub caught five and boated the last two by himself). When we got back to the boat dock, Chad showed us how to “filet” the fish, and we ended up bringing a bunch home for dinner Friday evening.
When we got home, it took Dub about an hour to tell David about the lake, the boat, the way we fished, how big the fish were… how cool “Unca Chad” is… how we had lemonade out of a thermos and how much fun it all was. He understands now that you keep just the big fish so the little ones can grow up. No doubt about it, he’s a fisherman now, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be bugging us to take him fishing a lot. I’m sure we will 🙂