Dude. It’s a blast from the past.

There isn’t a “new” pic in this post. In fact, every photo here was posted on Unrulyboi, BadAssBoys or previous iterations of UnrulyDude. When choosing pics for the post, I included at least one for each member of our CCC. You might have fun deciding which pic was selected for you. Hope you enjoy this “blast from the past.”

Could it possibly be eight years? Doesn’t seem possible, but the first UnrulyDude post was on March 12, 2013. Back then, there was no Ben… no Dub… no Northland gang. Just a guy sitting at his computer and doing a porn post and missing his lover who had recently passed. And being totally bummed about all the blogs “Blogger” had deleted.
Then, I found Lee Keels who has hosted URD for the past 8 years… and a little later (November, 2013) I met Ben (thank you, Jingle)… and it’s been a whirlwind.
UnrulyDude has been fun – and interesting – and, at times a pain in the ass. But, having said that… THANK YOU, GUYS for building the URD family and making this a special place. We love you! David

Dude. It’s a Friday “international” flashback!

These pics are from a November 2007 series of “international dudes” posts David did on his Unrulyboi blog on Blogger. A few of you guys may remember?

Dude. It’s another Friday Flashback!

It’s been a while since we wandered back to David’s old Unrulyboi and Unrulydude blogs on Blogger, so here we go. Another blast from the past featuring some SWEET dudes. I’m so glad David saved all his old blog posts for posterity.

When Dub and I got home this afternoon, Dub started doing his chores right away and David told me that a social worker had stopped by (unannounced) this morning to do a “home study” in conjunction with our adopting Dub. He said she asked if “Donald” was here – and it took him by surprise. He said he was just looking a question at her… and then, recovered by saying “Oh, you mean “Dub! No. He’s not here right now, he’s at daycare… but he and his other Dad will be home about 2:30 this afternoon. She said she could go ahead and start the “home study” if that would be o.k. So, David showed her the house and they talked while she filled out forms and made notes. When she was finished, she said she would need to stop by again to observe “Donald” in his home environment. She said she would try to stop by this afternoon after 2:30 if that was o.k. David told her that would be fine. So, she showed up a little before 3 o’clock… and met Ben and “Donald.” She asked us all a bunch of questions… and then, as you might guess, Dub pretty much took over. He showed her his list of chores and how he marks them off every day… then he talked to her about walking the dogs every day and where we go… and the cute stuff the pups do. Then, he took her to his room and showed her his plants and told her all about his Boston Fern and Orchids. He told her the orchids don’t have blooms right now because they’re sleeping – but she didn’t have to worry about waking them up. He showed her all his birthday cards (and envelopes) and told her who they were from and how much he likes them. He also told her his Dads were teaching him how to read and do his numbers. He told her he can read “Green Eggs and Ham” by himself now, and knows his numbers to 100, but sometimes misses one or two of the 80’s. The poor lady didn’t have a chance to ask many questions because of Dub’s non-stop banter… but she made lots of notes and I’m pretty sure it all went well. After she left, Dub said he liked her, but she wasn’t fun like Mom and Ms. Pam. We’ll talk to our lawyer next week to see if he’s got a reading on how the “home study” went. I don’t think there’s anything she could possibly object to – unless, of course, it’s the matter of “two dads.” Our attorney had assured us he’ll make sure that’s not a problem.