Here you go, dude. Flesh Jackers!

Way back on December 17, 2015, we did a “flesh jackers post” and said (in part):
This is the first “fleshjack” post ever on URD – and, probably the last. David and I talked about it… and fleshjacks are something we just don’t understand.”
We still don’t. However… having said that, there are a whole bunch of amazingly hot dudes on the internet with their dicks stuck in these silly little plastic things. Of course, what’s fun… is imagining what’s deep in these flesh-jacks… and knowing how happy they’d be if their dicks were in our mouths instead 🙂

Check it out, dude. Flesh jackers!

This is the first “fleshjack” post ever on URD – and, probably the last. David and I talked about it… and fleshjacks are something we just don’t understand. David says he’s never known anyone who had any interest is using one… and he thinks maybe it’s something straight guys do when their girlfriends are “on the rag” – or aren’t putting out for whatever reason. We’d be interested to know if any of you guys use/like flashbacks – and, if so what they do for you. In any case, there are some HOT guys here with their dicks stuck in what I assume they think are little plastic vaginas. Whatever rings their bells 🙂

Lots going on here in the Northland. Dub and I finished the Christmas cards and got them in the mail today. The Christmas shopping is done and Dub is so excited he’s about to explode.
Last Saturday night, he had a sleep-over at his little bud Erik’s house. Since he was going to be gone for the night, we invited Keon and Rick over to make sure we had all the wedding plans finalized. After dinner, some drinks and a couple of joints, we all ended up naked in the hot tub – and the only wedding plans we finalized were those for the “wedding night.”
When we picked Dub up Sunday morning, Erik’s Mom (Pam) told us that she’s starting a day-care in their home the first of the year. She’s a teacher – certified grades K through 6 – but doesn’t want a full-time teaching job. She says she doesn’t like the staff “politicking” and thinks most of the female teachers are “just too bitchy.” So, she’s starting a day-care. She’s licensed for a maximum of six non-family members. After we got home, David and I talked about it and decided we’d ask Dub if he’d like to go to Erik’s house for day care. He thought that’d be GREAT. So, Sunday afternoon, I called Pam and talked with her about it. Long-story-short, Dub’s going to start doing “day-care” at Erik’s house on Monday, Jan. 4th. We think spending time with other kids his age will be wonderful for him – and he’s totally pumped about it. He was a little worried about walking the pups and getting his chores done, but we assured him we could do those things after he gets home every day.
So, we’re counting down the days ’till Christmas (and the wedding), and hoping you guys are all keeping warm as the serious part of Winter approaches.