Dude. Check out these fit, flexible guys!

Yesterday, our friend “Phil” commented on Rick and Keon’s “gay photo poses” post, saying: “One of the things that always intrigued me and turned me on was flexibility, so a lot of these are yummmmmm”
That got us thinking about hot, supple, flexible guys – and this is the result. Hope you all like your guys fit and flexible!

We’ve had some beautiful Spring days and Ben has had the kids outdoors most afternoons. They’ve identified and collected leaves from a whole bunch of trees… got to see (and photograph) some deer and wild turkeys… and helped Dub plant his garden. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday, so Dub is really happy to have everything planted. Spring is beautiful in the Ozarks and the kids are loving being out and about! xoxo David and Ben

Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

Quite possibly, the greatest joy of being involved with UnrulyDude is the opportunity to share special days with our online friends. URD has no better friend that “Bill S,” and we want to take the occasion of his birthday to wish him every joy and happiness on his birthday and throughout the coming year. We love you, babe… and hope you’re enjoying every minute of your stay in Kaslo. We went to Youtube as you suggested and looked at the “KASLO BC FLYOVER” video. It’s a beautiful place and we hope brings you great birthday happiness.
In the past, we’ve always posted “story” pic sets on your birthday, but this year we thought we’d do a “smiles” post – because every time we think of you we smile. Happy Birthday, baby.

Flex for me, bitch!

Our buddy, “BillS” has been asking for a “flex for me” post – and we’ve been working on this for a while. Hope these muscley hunks are what you have in mind, babe!

David and I drove to Springfield yesterday to retrieve the little dude. He had a good time with his grandparents – but was REALLY happy to see us and to get home and see the dogs and his plant. His granny has a friend who raises orchids… so she took Dub over to meet him and look at his plants… and, you guessed it, he brought two orchids home with him. We’re going to Ikea tomorrow to get a plant stand to put them on. We understand Orchids can be very difficult to grow, so we’ll enlist Rick’s help. I’m guessing Dug can do it if anyone can!
On another subject, tomorrow (along with our trash post) I’ll give you a report on Saturday evening’s happenings at “URD headquarters”.