Happy birthday, dear Craig. Happy birthday to you!

Our friend Craig (Flip Flops Boy) has been a friend for as long as we’ve been blogging, but it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from him.
Sweet baby… Hope you’re well and happy and having the most wonderful birthday ever. We love you!

Happy birthday, dear Craig. Happy birthday to you!

Of the mistakes we’ve made, this is one of our biggest ever. April 12th is our excellent friend, Flip Flops Boy’s birthday and we missed it. Just zoned out and totally missed it. One of our best friends ever – and we didn’t do a post for his birthday.
So, here you go, babe. with our most sincere apologies. We love you and hope your birthday was the best ever. Hope you’ll forgive us?. xoxo
David and Ben

Ben and I are off to Colorado tomorrow morning. He’s excited about his interview with “Dr. M” and, of course I’m excited for him. He took Dub to Lowry City this afternoon and met up with gumma Nancy and Coco. I’m sure he’ll have fun being hopelessly spoiled while he’s in Springfield. (We’re secretly hoping he’ll bring some Pizza House pizza home with him next week 🙂 )
Ben didn’t tell you, but we had sort of a “group meeting” in the hot tub last Saturday evening. It was Keon, Rick, Alex, Ben and me. We had some drinks – smoked a little – and Ben told them about his upcoming interview in Colorado. The guys all listened attentively while Ben talked about the “pros” and “cons” of a possible relocation (if he should get an offer). The reaction was much as expected. Keon liked the idea because pot is legal in Colorado. Rick liked it because same-sex marriage has been going on there since 2014 and is widely accepted. Alex liked it because the hispanic population in Colorado is over 20% – compared to Missouri where it’s around 4%. Having discussed all that, the group’s conclusion was unanimous. The most important thing is what’s best for Dub. We’re so fortunate to have such amazing friends. They’re willing to stay in Missouri – or move to Colorado – or whatever – as long as Dub is happy and our group stays together. Just like that. No trauma. No big deal.
Concerning the blog… I’ve put together Denny’s post request and pre-posted it for tomorrow. Then, Rick will do a “Friends Friday” post – and Keon is doing a post on Saturday. We’ll be back on Sunday but won’t get the next post put together until Monday or possibly Tuesday. We’ll give you a report on our trip then.
In the interim, my hubby and I are looking forward to a brief change of scenery and some “us time.”
Love you guys,
David and Ben

Flip Flops Boy

Well, Blogger has struck again. They’ve deleted our friend “FlipFlopsBoy’s” blogs. BASTARDS! There has never been a better gay blogger than FFB… or a better friend. His blogs have consistently been some of the most creative, most interesting on the internet… and this just shouldn’t happen. Here’s the text of the e-mail we just sent him:
“Really sorry about your blog, babe. Obviously, I know exactly how that feels.
Just a thought. Until you get another blog up and running… you can have Fridays on UnrulyDude if you want. We could call it FlipFlopsFriday and you could post anything you want. You’re already set up to do posts on the blog – or, if you’d rather, you could e-mail us the post title and pics each week and we’ll do the post for you. ANYTHING you want to post… exactly as you want to post it – no maximum or minimum number of pics. It’d be fun and I know Tim and Bob and bw and Jingle and a lot of the other guys would LOVE it. Just a thought. I’m going to post this e-mail on the blog so the guys will join us in thinking about you and sending our love.”