Are ya ready for some football?

Two days till Super Sunday and although we’re disappointed the Chiefs won’t be playing the game, it’ll still be fun. It’s the day after Dante and Silas’ wedding so we’ll all probably be a little tired at kickoff. As promised, we (at least most of us) will be cheering for the Bengals because they’re a small market, AFC team. Hope you guys enjoy the game – and maybe these pics as well 🙂

According to our official wedding planner (Dub) plans for the big wedding tomorrow have all been finalized. He’s been texting everyone and tells us both of Silas’ parents (and his little sister) will be here for the ceremony. He says Dante’s Dad hasn’t decided whether he’s coming. The grands will be here – plus Jim and Carole and lots more.
There’ll be a big “bachelors party” here at the house – and in the hot tub tonight. The kids have all taken their sleeping bags and electronics and are spending the night at Scott and Denise’s home over at Koala Cove. We have a big supply of tequila, limes, salt and triple sec ready… and Jim has supplied us with a whole bunch of premium smoke. We plan to make sure it’s a good and proper send-off to matrimony 🙂

Are ‘ya ready for some football?

We’re pre-posting this, and, with a little luck, it’ll post during the Super Bowl. We’re having a BUNCH of people over to watch the game and/or the commercials and lady Gaga. We’re hoping the Falcons will at least make a good show of it, but expect the Patriots to find a way to cheat themselves to victory. We’ll have a mixed crowd. A few of the guys are football fans, but most of us will be watching just for the spectacle. Whatever. We’ll have a TON of food and lots to drink, so we’re sure it’ll be a good time. We’ll give you a report on Monday. Hope you guys all have a fun Super Sunday. GO FALCONS!

Are ‘ya ready for some football?

We don’t have a Superbowl favorite team, so we’ll go with our buddy Jingle’s pick. Go Denver, I guess?