…I’m telling you this ‘cause you’re one of my friends. If you look down below, you’ll see plenty of skins…

…With an apology to Dr. Seuss…

We hadn’t really planned on doing “foreskins”, but after our last post (hard, cut dicks) “Jingle” commented, saying: “p.s. I’ll bet my left nut the next post is UNcut dudes!! 🙂 haha”
Then, “Larry” said, “Cut cocks are nice, but uncuts are better for me. More to play with.”
So… here you go, guys. Equal time and all that…..


Last week, we had a request for a post of “cut” guys from “J.T. and Mike,” a young couple in Texas. We did the post, but thought now we should do a post of guys who aren’t cut – just to make things equal.
Incidentally, we haven’t heard anything from the Texas boys since the e-mail requesting the post. You still with us, guys?


Hi, everyone. It’s Rick. I was running short on time yesterday when I did the “Friends Friday” (skin) post, so I went ahead and posted the pics without any comments. The thing is there’s this guy – Alejandro- who works at the nursery with me. We call him “Alex” and he’s only been there about five months. He’s my age and a hard worker and really cool. I like him a lot and we talk all the time. He’s always asking questions about me being gay and married, and he’s met Keon and it doesn’t bother him that we’re into guys. He doesn’t have a girlfriend right now and he told me he’s “uncut” and some girls have acted like they think his dick is kind of ugly. I told him Keon is uncut and I sure don’t think his dick is ugly. I’ve wondered if Alex may be a little gay-curious, but I haven’t asked him. Anyway, I told Ben and David about him and they said Dub is going to Springfield for a weekend with the grandparents next week and we could invite him over for dinner and a dip in the hot tub. So, I asked Alex if he’d like to come over next Saturday and he said he would – and that’s all he’s been talking about the last few days. I don’t know if anything will happen, but I know David and Ben will be cool, and I’m sure Alex will like them. Heck, everyone likes David and Ben. Keon and I have talked… and we both think we’d like a look at Alex’ uncut dick. If we get to see it, I bet we won’t think it’s ugly!