Dude. Check out these butt naked “hooded warriors”!

In our last post, Ben said “I honestly believe Silas has the most beautiful uncut dick I’ve ever seen. It’s a thing of absolute beauty.”
That prompted Bill (bw) to comment “by beautiful – did you mean just pretty or big – us old perverts need to know these things.”
So we started searching through our “foreskins” folders to see if we could find a dude with an uncut dick that looks almost exactly like Silas’ beauty. And… Ben found one. It’s pic #1 here and honestly, once you’ve seen this boy’s amazing appendage, you know why Ben and I were so impressed when we saw Silas getting in our hot tub naked.

It’s “Thanksgiving eve” and we’re excited about our group dinner over at Denise and Scott’s house at Koala Cove tomorrow. It’ll be a big crowd and we’ll all be there giving thanks for friends, family, good fortune, love and good health.
We hope Thanksgiving finds you happy, healthy, well-fed and giving thanks for the many blessings we share. We love you guys. David, Ben and the gang

…I’m telling you this ‘cause you’re one of my friends. If you look down below, you’ll see plenty of skins…

…With an apology to Dr. Seuss…

We hadn’t really planned on doing “foreskins”, but after our last post (hard, cut dicks) “Jingle” commented, saying: “p.s. I’ll bet my left nut the next post is UNcut dudes!! 🙂 haha”
Then, “Larry” said, “Cut cocks are nice, but uncuts are better for me. More to play with.”
So… here you go, guys. Equal time and all that…..


Last week, we had a request for a post of “cut” guys from “J.T. and Mike,” a young couple in Texas. We did the post, but thought now we should do a post of guys who aren’t cut – just to make things equal.
Incidentally, we haven’t heard anything from the Texas boys since the e-mail requesting the post. You still with us, guys?