Boyz au naturale!

This wasn’t even remotely the post we’d planned to do today… but we had a comment from “Alex”, saying:
“Oh please, I’d love to see another post with young, uncut, bushy guys (not even trimmed, but completely hairy dicks) ?”
As we said, it wasn’t the post we’d planned to do… but how could we not do the post Alex asked for?
Here you go, babe… Bunch of young, uncut, bushy guys. Hope they do it for you. Frankly, they look pretty much “lip-smackin’ good” to us 🙂

Not queer or nothin’… just best buds!

I had a call from our attorney this afternoon. We’re meeting at one o’clock tomorrow to talk about a new settlement offer from the insurance company. He didn’t give me any details but sounded very positive. Hope it goes well!