Nothin’ hotter than a dude in a white tee!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. As you know, Cal kicked off our series of posts about our kids on Sunday, so I’m going to “have a go” at it. Before I do that here’s something you might find interesting. Rick loves plain white tee shirts. He buys them by the six-pack and that’s mainly what he wears. With his red hair and freckles he looks so good (sexy) in them that I’ve started wearing them a lot myself. And – you guessed it – since his Dads wear white tees all the time, that’s what Travon wears. It’s sort of our family uniform. I hope you like these “boys in white tees” as much as Rick and I do.

Ahhh. What can I tell you about Travon? As you know, we started fostering him in January, 2018 and finalized his adoption three months later. He was five years old at the time. He didn’t speak when he came to us (his former foster parents said he was “deaf and dumb”) – he was a “spitter” and even spit in my face (once!) – and he was afraid of just about everyone and everything. Today, just 2 1/2 years later, he’s talkative, has good manners, loves being with family and friends, and isn’t afraid of anyone… well maybe a little afraid of Bella… but who isn’t? 🙂
He loves school and Ben says he’s a “really quick study”. Janette tells us he’s learned French faster than any of the other kids, except Dub. He and “Max” are pretty much inseparable and we rarely see one without the other. We (Rick, Travon, Max and me) read together every night at bedtime. It’s the best part of our day. We’re currently reading book two of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.” It’s a 5-book set so it’ll take us a while 🙂
Pop-pops has given Tra a ton of photo equipment and he’s become a good photographer (we’re glad he uses only digital format because we couldn’t afford “film” for all his pics). He has the patience of a saint and sometimes sits for long periods waiting for just the right lighting and photo opportunity. He’s taken hundreds of high-res pics of the king snake that makes its’ home in our rock garden. Last month, Pop-pops made 16″ x 20″ prints of twelve of his snake photos and entered them in a
photo art competition in Springfield. He won second prize, which is really good since the other exhibitors were all professional photographers.
Tra loves swimming, wake boarding, horseshoes, fishing, being with his friends and our “Table Rock campus” school, so making our home here at the Lake is just about perfect for him. He’s a happy, 7-year old boy – he often makes us laugh and always makes us proud. As Cal pointed out, you shouldn’t expect “fair and balanced reporting” about our kids because… well, they’re our kids. I’ll end this by saying Tra is the JOY of our lives and he’s given us infinitely more than we’ve given him.
We hope you and yours are well, happy and using your protective equipment wisely. This pandemic can’t last forever.
xoxo Keon and Rick

… in case you missed ’em …

Last Sunday, May 14th was the one-year anniversary of David, Dub and me becoming a “forever family.” If you’d like to re-read my account of the final adoption hearing, clic on the “FOREVER FAMILY” tab on the right side of the page. Every time I read this, I get a big ol’ lump in my throat and tear-up a bit. Hard to believe it’s been a year. Harder to remember when we WEREN’T a family.
Since it’s kind of a special occasion, I wanted to do a special post – so I looked through some of David’s folders from his old UnrulyDude posts (on Blogger). Some of you will remember all of these, but a bunch of ’em are “new” to me. I think they’re wonderful. I was gonna chose 48 but there ended up being more 🙂

Guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. It’s been the end of school and student teaching and IEP’s and graduation and job interviews and Dub, and the dogs and the garden and talks with David, Keon, Rick and Alex, and trips to Springfield and Colorado and tons of other stuff – with very little sleep and (unfortunately) very little sex. I’m really hoping things will settle down a bit now. Here’s a recap:
As you know, David and I went to Colorado so I could interview for the job out there. It was a good trip despite the somewhat disagreeable weather. I met with “Dr.M” for several hours. It went really well. I like him a lot and it’s a terrific job opportunity. After our meeting, I went back to the hotel room to talk with David. He had spent the day checking out the local housing market. What he found was that housing is expensive in Boulder. VERY expensive. That evening, we went to dinner with Dr. M and his wife. She’s a lovely lady and serves on the board of directors of a school for exceptional children (talented and gifted). She had read my thesis and said she found it “most impressive.” Mainly, they wanted to know all about David and me – our marriage – and Dub. I showed them pics. Dub, David and me. Dub and the pups. Dub on his bike. Dub and his garden. Dub with some fish he’d caught. Dub and his grandparents. Dub and his Mom. Dub and his friends. You get the idea. We told them (generally) about Dub’s test results and Ms.M assured us he would have excellent school opportunities there. It was a wonderful evening and as it ended, I was certain a job offer would be coming. The next day it was.
When we got home, David and I talked. And talked. We took Denny’s suggestion literally and got a big ol’ 8 1/2″ x 11″ yellow lined legal pad… made 2 columns – Pros and Cons. We got it down on paper so we could see what it looks like. What it feels like to say it out loud. Here’s a (shortened) version of the lists:
-Outstanding job opportunity for Ben
-A more liberal, gay-friendly environment
-Marijuana laws
-Excellent schools for Dub
-Change of scenery – mountains
-Housing costs
-Dub’s home. His garden, friends, plants, crappie fishing, etc
-Dub’s friendship with (and mentoring of) Austin
-Our home. Our neighbors. The hot tub
-Grandparents’ proximity
-Rick’s last year of college
-The Royals, the Jayhawks, Sporting KC, the Chiefs, the fountains, the Sprint center, the Kauffman center, the street car, Union station, the Zoo, polar bears, penguins.
Long story short. Keon, Rick and Alex came over. We talked and talked. We decided to stay in Missouri – at least for now. I called Dr.M and told him. He was disappointed, but said he understood. I started interviewing in the KC area.
The next week, Dr.M called. He asked if more money would change my mind. I told him is wasn’t about money. It was about Dub – and our friends – and where we feel we need to be right now. He said he was going to go ahead and fill the teaching position – but that he was keeping the “Assistant Administrator” job open – for now. He said he was pretty sure it would still be available a year from now, and asked me to keep an open mind. He asked if I would be willing to serve on their “curriculum review” committee and I told him I’d be honored to do that.
He also said he had a friend who’s Superintendent of a school for exceptional children (talented and gifted) in the KC area. He wanted to know if he had my permission to send her my thesis, resume, application and background check. I told him he did. So, he sent it to her and she called me and we met. I like her a lot and visited the school, and she ended up offering me a teaching position. After talking with David, I accepted. It’s less money than the Colorado job – but I really like the school and am excited about teaching there.
We haven’t told Dub or the grandparents anything about Colorado – and don’t plan to – at least for now. I ran over to Michael’s this afternoon, and am making a new “Good things, Bad things, Fun things, Dub things” scrapbook with our plane tickets, pics of our Colorado trip, and information about Boulder and the job offer. Maybe we’ll give it to Dub when he graduates college. Or maybe we won’t?
It’s been a long journey – with a happy ending (beginning).
I plan to get back to posting (and SEX) now. I think I’ll show David this post tonight before I fuck his brains out 🙂

It’s a boy!

Our attorney called on Tuesday to tell us our final adoption hearing was scheduled for 10:00 a.m. today. We were surprised it was happening so fast – but delighted.
This morning, David, Dub, our attorney and I assembled in the judge’s chambers. The case worker who had visited us at home was also there. The hearing was informal and the judge was cool. After introducing himself, he told us he thought we made a “handsome family” and read the proposed decree. Then, the social worker reviewed her report in a dry and factual way. It was short and very positive. Next, the judge read Dub’s grandparents’ sworn statements about why they thought we provided the best possible home for him. Then our attorney showed the video of Angie saying how much she loves Dub and how happy she is that he’s in “the perfect home.”
After that, the judge asked David and me if we were aware of the responsibilities associated with the adoption and asked if we were fully prepared to care for Dub in every way. We assured him we were.
Then, the judge asked Dub if he likes his home. Dub grinned and told him he had “just about the best home in the world.”
The judge asked, “What’s the best thing about it?”
Dub thought for a few seconds and said, “I like how my dads and me always do stuff together.”
The judge asked “What kind of ‘stuff’ is that?”
Dub said, “Well, we walk the dogs every day – even if it’s real cold or snowing – and we read every night at bedtime. We play soccer, and swim in the hot tub and sometimes we go fishing. I can catch crappie and take ’em off the hook by myself. And Dad is teaching me to cook on the grille. Sometimes we cook asparagus and that’s my favorite thing. We’re even growing some in the back yard, but we had to put a fence around it so the dogs won’t get into it.”
The judge kept nodding his head – and signed the decree of adoption. He asked if we wanted to have our pictures taken… so we did. And we were all smiling and the judge was smiling and it was over just like that.
This afternoon, David, Dub and I talked about adoption and what it means. Of course, he doesn’t really understand it, and he asked, “Now that I’m ‘dopted’, can we still walk the dogs? David laughed and told him “Nothing’s going to change Dub. It’s just that now we’re your “forever Dads.” And Dub said, “What about Mom?” David said, “She’s your forever Mom – just like always.” That seemed to work fine for him.
In a way, I can’t believe how long this has taken… and in another way, it’s all happened so fast. We’ll tell Angie all about the hearing when she calls tomorrow. I’m going to attach a sheet the Judge gave us after he signed the adoption decree. It’s called “What children need most.”
Wow. It’s official. We’re a “forever” family now!