A post-birthday present for our buddy, “BillS” !

We had a comment from our buddy “BillS” earlier today, saying:
“I have seen #22 in a number of different poses all over the internet for a long time. He is the perfect boy-man model and his perfect package makes me drool….
But I am beginning to think that maybe all the photos that I have seen of him are from this same single photo-shoot.
Anybody know his name or if he is still showing off his assets? I think he’s dreamy!!!
The dude is a Fratmen model named “Micky” and we’re going to post sixteen pics of him here. He’s a twin – and his brother’s name is “Ajay.” The second sixteen pics in the set are of the boys together.
The next eight pics are from a set featuring Micky, Ajay and another guy named “Trent.”
The final eight pics are of “Ajay.” We didn’t think you’d mind if we featured him a bit. They ARE twins:)
We couldn’t agree with you more, Bill. These are “perfect boy-man model(s)”. We think they’re yummy. Thanks for giving us an excuse to post them!