Boys being boys!

I used to do these “boys being boys” posts all the time on previous blogs, but strangely, not here. Of course, this could also be a “story” post and we’re guessing our buddy Bill S would like that. The last picture here (#048) doesn’t necessarily fit the category but when we found it, we thought it might be a lot like the someday lake view from the front of Dante and Silas’ new aerie 🙂

Thanks to Ben, Dub and the gang, I had a wonderful birthday. My big birthday surprise was a “card palooza” organized by Dub. That’s where friends and relatives send real, honest-to-God paper birthday cards through the U.S. Postal services “snail mail.” We did one for Dub back when we lived in the K.C. Northland and he still has every card. Anyway, my “card palooza” was Dub’s idea and he contacted tons of people via text. Keon helped him with text addresses for business associates and trade association members. The cards started arriving on Friday before my birthday and were still coming today. As of now, Dub tells me I’ve received 61 birthday cards – all of which he has strung up on ribbons all over the house. It’s a fun thing and great to hear from everyone. Dub never ceases to surprise and amaze!

Dude. Check out these butt naked boys in bunches!

First, there were three naked dudes.

Then there were four.

Then five naked guys having fun together.

And six naked dudes fixin’ to get nasty.

With seven naked dudes, it’s a party!

Fuck, man. When it comes to naked dudes, it’s the more the merrier!
Back on January 7th, our buddy “ray” commented:
“I love those fun photos of a group of naked guys, could this be a post request?”
Well, of course it could… and we wanted to do something special for ray. So here are some little groups – and some bigger groups – and some great big groups of naked guys who are about to have a whole lot of fun! Thanks for the request, ray. This is FUN STUFF!

Dude. What’s the story?

The idea for pics that “tell a story” came from our “Requester-in-Chief” BillS, and they’ve become one of our favorites. We like them because they’re fun and make us smile. Hope these make you smile as well!