Dude. What’s the story?

The idea for pics that “tell a story” came from our “Requester-in-Chief” BillS, and they’ve become one of our favorites. We like them because they’re fun and make us smile. Hope these make you smile as well!

…meanwhile…at the frat house…

On Tuesday, our bud “Bill S.” commented, saying:
“But guys, if the mood strikes you, I am SO READY for some FRATBOIS!
hint … hint … that’s a post-request (-; XOXO”
Well sure, Bill… fratbois are always fun – so let’s go take a peek at what’s going on in the farmhouses. Thanks for the request, babe!

Party-on, dudes!

A week or so ago, our good buddy (and Requester-in-Chief) “Bill S” asked for a post of ““PARTY, DUDES!” It’s taken us a little time to put it together because we’ve already done two “party” posts and we don’t like to repeat pics. So, here are some mostly amateur, mostly drunk, mostly “straight” boys – doing what they’d probably secretly like to do when they’re sober. Hope you like these, babe!