Happy birthday, dear Fred… Happy birthday to you!

Here’s a special “happy birthday” wish for our good friend, Fred – way down in Mexico. Fred… we know you’re having a wonderful birthday with Chuck, Eric and Tammy there to celebrate with you. You’re a dear friend and we wish you good health and every happiness on your birthday… and in the coming years. We love you. David, Ben and the Table Rock gang

When we were thinking about pics for Fred’s birthday post, the bright, happy colors we associate with Mexico came to mind. We’ve included guys in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise and yellow in this post. We hope these pretty colors add a special bit of happiness on Fred’s birthday!

Happy birthday, dear Fred. Happy birthday to you!

One of the joys of doing URD is getting to do birthday posts for special friends. Babe, we love you and wish you a happy day, good health and every happiness in the years to come.
When we think of Fred, it’s never “just Fred” – it’s “Fred and Chuck.” You guys obviously have a wonderful relationship… one that Ben and I think of as our guide to how to be a happy gay couple. Thank you for that!
We’ve never before done a “birthday post” with a “lovers” or “bromance” theme, but we thought it just fit the bill here. Of course, we’ve tossed in a few “Diego Sans” pics – just because 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! XOXO

Happy birthday, dear Fred. Happy birthday to you!

It’s always fun to say “Happy Birthday” to one of our dearest friends – like Fred. Babe, we love you and wish you good health and every happiness throughout the coming years.
Actually, whenever we think of “Fred” we’re thinking “Fred and Chuck,” and of their home in Mexico and their special love affair. You guys are a constant inspiration to us and we thank you for that.
So… your birthday post is unusual because it’s the first we’ve done with a “bromance” or “lovers” theme. Of course, we remembered to toss in a few pics of Diego Sans – just because 🙂