Freeballin’ boys!!

They’re building a new house next door to us and they started “framing” it on Friday. The workmen (five man crew) have all been wearing boots and jeans – with no shirts. The younger two are just hotter than fuck. When I got back from class Friday afternoon, one of the guys came over and asked if they could use some water from our outdoor hose to clean up some tools. I told him “sure” and introduced myself. He said his name is “Craig.” I guessing he’s in his mid-twenties, and he has a GREAT body. I’m pretty sure he’s straight, but I noticed he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. I couldn’t help noticing some pubes at the top of his jeans, so I’m thinking he was freeballing – and DAMN he smelled good. He said it’ll take them about two weeks to frame the house. I’m hoping maybe David and I will get to know Craig better over the next couple of weeks?

One last bunch of badass freeballers!

I hope I haven’t worn you guys out with all these “freeballin'” posts – but I just thought if David and I were gonna spend the week commando, the posts should, too. We should be back to posting a bigger variety of pics starting Monday, August 11th 🙂

It’s Saturday. You bitches ready for some Unruly freeballers?