Dudes raidin’ the fridge!

There’s never been a “fridge” post on URD… but we’ve been saving pics for a long time – back to when David was doing UnrulyDude and Bad Ass Boys – and before there was a “David and Ben.” It’s been a long-time work-in-progress. Sort of makes me want a snack!

It’s been two years since our excellent friend Jingle suggested a day at the park… and David picked up on the idea… and went there… and hooked up with me. And it’s been a lovely, amazing whirlwind ever since. It’s been wonderful for us – precisely because you guys have been along for the ride.
To celebrate the occasion, we thought it might be fun to think back and remember some of the things we’ve shared – in question form. Don’t know if you guys are interested… but it could be a unique “family” project. Here we go:
Was Ben gay when he met David?
When did Ben move in with David?
What does Ben plan to do when he graduates college?
Other than David, who is Ben’s closest friend?
Who is “Kevin”?
Who is “Ethan?”
When is bw”w birthday?
When is David’s birthday?
When is Ben’s birthday?
When is Anthony’s birthday?
How old is Ben?
How old is David?
When were Ben and David married?
Where were Ben and David married?
Who are Devin and Rob?
When is Bill S’s birthday?
Who is Keon?
When did David have his “heart incident”?
How often do David and Ben work out?
When is Ray’s birthday?
How many puppies live in the house?
What are the puppies’ names?
How often do David, Ben and Dub walk the puppies?
Concerning the puppies, what is Dub’s job every day?
When is Jordan’s birthday?
Who is Ricky?
How did David and Ben meet Ricky?
When was Ben’s “accident”?
Who is “Caleb”?
Who is Caleb’s current boyfriend?
When is Jingle’s birthday?
When is Flip-flop-boy’s birthday?
When is Roberto’s birthday?
Who are the charter members of the “CCC”?
When is Archangels’ birthday?
Who is Dub?
Who is “Kerry”?
When is Larry’s birthday?
How did David and Ben meet Kerry?
Who was Donnie?
When is Brad’s birthday?
When did Ben and David get their Harleys?
What is Ben’s favorite color?
What is David’s favorite color?
How many tattoos does Ben have?
When is Tim (from MO)’s birthday?
How many tattoos does David have?
How many piercings does Ben have?
How many piercings does David have?
Who did David and Ben meet and hang-out with at sleepy hollow in Austin?
What kind of underwear does Ben wear? (When he wears any)
What was the most significant item on the “scavenger hunt” list?
Who is “Craig”?
When is Wonderboy’s birthday?
Which of David and Ben’s friends has the biggest dick?
How many people does the hot tub hold?
Who is Dub’s mother?
Who are Dub’s grandparents?
How many distinct words are in “Green Eggs and Ham”?
How many wonderful, amazing moments have we shared over the last two years?
How many are yet to come?
David, Ben and Dub