It’s trash day, bitch. Fuck off!

We had a comment yesterday from our buddy, Muddog, saying:
“Maybe its just me but Theres something about a guy giving the camera the finger ( pic 1). would you consider a “the Finger” post? Or “the Bird”? Or a just plain “Fuck You” post? :)”
We loved the idea… and had most of the pics in our “fuck-off fingers” folder. These finger-flippers are all pretty trashy, so we thought we’d use ’em on trash day. Hope you like these nasty fuckers, babe!

Just a quick report on my 39th birthday yesterday. Yup. Just 364 days ’till the big four-o. Not sure how I feel about that.
As I requested, we had a quiet day at home yesterday. Keon and Rick were here – and Mark, Pam and the kids came over for cake and ice cream in the afternoon. Then, we watched the Arsenal-Watford match on DVR. Arsenal’s loss was a bit of a downer… but we were still on a sports high following KU’s win over West Va. for the Big 12 conference championship – so it was all good. The guys gave me some presents and my favorite is the shamrock plant Dub gave me. Rick had taken him to get it, but he (Dub) assured me that he had picked it out himself. It cracked me up when he put his hand on my shoulder… looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Don’t worry, dad. I’ll help you with it and we’ll keep it healthy.” Nice to be getting help from my favorite little dude. Probably won’t be the last time 🙂