Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” look at exotic expressions during erotic episodes!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. It’s 10 minutes after midnight and I would have gotten this posted on Friday, but WordPress kept throwing me curves and I had to re-work the whole thing to get it posted. Anyway, it’s about dudes fucking – and getting fucked – and expressing the experience in a whole bunch of wonderful ways.
There’s a video Keon and I watched a few days ago that we think is amazing. The two guys might or might not be your type, but you gotta say their fucking skills are outstanding. Here’s a link:
Stay well and happy… and go Jayhawks, Hawkeyes and Chiefs.
Love ya,
Rick and Keon


To wrap up “Pride Month,” we thought some dudes kissing dudes would be nice. Honestly, with the new dictatorial powers of the supreme court threatening our right to love the one we love, it’s been difficult for us to celebrate. Just to be clear – we’re proud of who we are… of the ones we love… of our amazing kids… and wonderful friends (both in-person and on-line). We’re proud of the progress made by our gay brothers and sisters and we hope common sense and decency will manage to prevail. Love you all. David, Ben and the gang.

Hooray. Horray. It’s the first of May. Outdoor fucking begins today!

As “Bill S” and “Jingle” have recently commented, it’s Mayday and time for our traditional Mayday post. This is our 10th annual Mayday outdoor fucking post and it’ll be 80 degrees here in the Ozarks this afternoon – so what could be better than some neckid outdoor fucking? Special thanks to “Kent” for sending a whole bunch of pics – some of which we’ve used in this post. Happy Mayday guys!

We got the boats out of storage Friday afternoon and took the kids and dogs for a long ride out on the lake. It was 85 degrees with full sunshine and we had a great time. Even Daisy, the newest k-9 member of our group thought it was great fun (after she got her “sea legs” and figured out she wasn’t in imminent danger of being swept overboard). We’re anxious for the Lake water temp to warm up a bit more so we can be “in the lake” instead of just “on the lake”!