To wrap up “Pride Month,” we thought some dudes kissing dudes would be nice. Honestly, with the new dictatorial powers of the supreme court threatening our right to love the one we love, it’s been difficult for us to celebrate. Just to be clear – we’re proud of who we are… of the ones we love… of our amazing kids… and wonderful friends (both in-person and on-line). We’re proud of the progress made by our gay brothers and sisters and we hope common sense and decency will manage to prevail. Love you all. David, Ben and the gang.

Breed it, dude!

Commenting on Beto’s action pics, Kent said: “Thank you, Beto, for such a hot post! My favorite is #46, where the bottom just got bred and he’s showing a creampie! Breeding pix (and results as bred) are my favorite kind of pix. It would be great to see an entire post of dripping holes and creampies.”
We checked, and the last (and only) “breeding” post we’ve had on UnrulyDude was back on August 21st of 2016. Since it’s been almost 6 years it’s definitely time for another. Thanks for the suggestion, Kent. Hope these dripping holes are just what you had in mind 🙂

Ready. Set. Action!

On May 28th, we received two e-mails from Beto, titled “Action pics -1” and “Action pics -2” The pics are amazing. There’s a total of 47 pics… with the following breakdown: Rim – 7 pics; Suck – 21 pics; Frot – 2 pics; Fuck – 14 pics and Breed – 3 pics. We liked them so much we thought they’d make a great stand-alone post. We e-mailed Beto saying that since there were just 47 pics, we’d need one more for a post. We told him we’d add one or he could send us one. He replied:
“Hi, Ben. I actually didn’t imagine you’d use these pics as a set, but that’s really kewl. And I totally trust your good taste for the fourth and final breed pic. 😉 Hope the guys like them as much as you and David did. 😉 Thanks and hugs, Beto.”
So… the first 47 pics here are from Beto and we added the last one.
Thanks, Beto. We like to think UnrulyDude is all about variety and these pics add a really neat, fresh look to the blog. xoxo Ben and David