Dude. Look what’s cookin’ in the kitchen!

Since Denny and Dave’s kitchen remodel is nearing its end, we thought some pics of guys using their kitchens for the right purposes were in order. While we haven’t found any pics with “porcelain backsplashes” or “under cupboard lighting”, these photos should still act an an instruction manual. Guys, we love you and wish you happiness as you enjoy your new kitchen – even if we are a bit envious 🙂 xoxo Ben and David

Dude. Check out this “Fred potpourri”!

One of the best things about the internet is the ability to make “friends” with people half way across the World. We’ve never met Fred and his hubby, Chuck… but we’ve been “friends” on-line for years and years. When we asked if any of you guys had pics you’d like us to post, Jingle, Beto and Fred were the first to step up. Today, we’re posting a group of wonderful pics sent to us by Fred and we’re calling it “Fred potpourri.” Interestingly, the last five photos in the set are “vintage” pics that have special meaning to Fred.
Thank you, Fred… for the pics… but more importantly for your friendship.
We love you! David and Ben

Hooray. Horray. It’s the first of May. Outdoor fucking begins today!

The tradition endures.
Our first “Mayday” post on URD was on May 1, 2013. There were earlier ones, of course, but they were deleted by Blogger and various other blog hosts. Doesn’t matter. Let’s all get outdoors and fuck!

We got the boats out of storage and brought them “home” yesterday. It’s great seeing activity at the dock after all these dreary months. The kids all wanted to swim, but the lake water temp is only about 65 degrees right now and we thought it’d be better to wait awhile.
Spring in the Ozarks is glorious. Everything has turned green and there’s a fresh, crisp feel to it all. Happy Mayday guys… and God bless. xoxo David and Ben