Dude. What’s tha story?

We figure it’s probably time to give “Bill S” and the others of you who enjoy pics that tell a story your periodic “fix.” Nothing better than real dudes who have a story to tell!

It was supposed to rain today – but didn’t – so we’ve had a busy and very productive day. Rick and Alex came over to help Dub get his garden ready for planting. They got rid of the stray grass and weeds, put down about four inches of composted manure/chopped straw and tilled it into the soil. It doesn’t exactly smell like roses but Dub is happy it’s ready for planting.
Meanwhile, Ben, Keon, Cal and I went over to help Raef and Chad fence their back yard. Raef says bird dogs are notorious for climbing or digging out of enclosures so he’s determined to have an “escape proof” fenced yard. During the past week, he and Chad had built a concrete footer and set the posts in it. Today we completed a 6 foot privacy fence with lattice panels on top. It was pretty easy because Raef had rented pneumatic screw guns for attaching the boards. We built the whole fence in about five hours and it looks very nice. I’d bet a lot of money that no dog could ever get out of it!
I asked Ben if he had any concern about “Buzz” getting out of our back yard. He laughed and said “If he ever runs away, he’ll take Dub with him.”
It won’t be long now before it’s time to head to the lake. We’ll go down in a couple of weeks to get the boats out of storage and ready for Summer fun on the water. Can’t wait!

It’s “Friends Friday,” so that must mean it’s time for a peek into Rick’s “Whatever” folder.

We call it “Rick’s whatever folder,” but honestly, it’s a place for both Keon and me to put pics we think are fun and/or interesting. We hope you guys find them to be just that 🙂 xoxo Rick and Keon

We had our first “parents conference” at Travon’s school on Friday. It was an informal chance to talk with several of his instructors and some of the school administrators. It wasn’t what we expected, but it was good. We learned that the kids at the school aren’t in “grades, or classrooms.” They work at their own pace in each subject. They told us that currently his stronger areas appear to be “writing, visual arts and creative skills.” His less strong areas appear to be “science and technology.”
We asked about “home work,” and were surprised to learn the school doesn’t emphasize that. Essentially they told us that if we provide a strong, positive, loving home environment, they’ll handle the education part.
We talked with Ben about it later and he said, “Yup. That’s the way it works. And, I promise, it DOES work.”
Travon loves his school and is excited about going there every day. We love sharing his enthusiasm for learning!

It’s a “Friends Friday” peek into Rick’s “whatever” folder!