It’s a “Friday the 13th Friends Friday” peek into Rick’s “Whatever” folder!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Since it’s Friday the 13th, I thought I’d let you take a peek into my “Whatever” folder. Some strange shit in here. Some pretty hot, as well 🙂

It’s a “Friends Friday” dump of Rick’s junk folder!

Hi, guys. It’s Rick… and it’s great to be back. Keon and I are just leaving for the lake so I’m gonna dump my “Junk” folder here. I think it has some fun stuff in it. David and Ben took off for the lake early this morning. They had Dub, Erik and Austin with them and were going to stop at Pizza House in Springfield to pick up dinner for tonight. Alex and Callum will be leaving as soon as Callum gets off work this afternoon. It’ll be a crowd in their small a-frame, but the screened porch is huge and we’re all good friends 🙂 I’m sure they’ll give you a full report on the weekend when we get back.
Keon and I want to thank you for the kind things you’ve said about us – and our posts. We’ll try to do some fun (and interesting) things to keep you entertained in the future!


Today is Bill S’s birthday, and we want to to wish him every happiness for today, the coming year and forever. Bill, you’ve been a friend to URD from the beginning and we love having you as a part of our “family.” Since the idea of “pics that tell a story” was originally yours, we thought a bunch of “story” pics would be a good way to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”! Thank you for being a part of the URD family, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

As you’ve probably noticed, there are 49 pics in today’s post. That’s because we originally weren’t going to include pic #49 (it’s obviously faked). We finally decided to include it as an “extra” because we think it’s cute… even if it is “photoshopped.”