Note to Beto

Hey, Beto. I’ve made a bit of progress on finding the dude who inspired your “fur & ink” post request. He’s obviously a guy I posted on Unrulyboi – before Blogger deleted it, and I no longer have access to those pics. I did, however find three more pics of him in one of my “Best of” folders. Interestingly, two of the photos are titled “tilghman_parker,” I’ve done a little Google searching for both “Tilghman Parker” and “Parker Tilghman” but so far that’s been a dead end. Since you’re a bit of a gay porn investigator, maybe you can find more of his pics. It would appear that there are at least two photosets… one with him wearing boots and a dark grey background… and one with him in athletic socks with a white background.
I was going to send this to you in an e-mail, but I thought, “Hey, maybe some of the other guys know something about him.” Anyway, enjoy the pics! xoxo David