Some call it porn… we call it art !

We’re all super excited (and a bit nervous) about the Chiefs-Titans game tomorrow. Keon and Rick have invited everyone to their house for the game – and Alex, Cal, Chad, David and I spent most of the afternoon over there getting everything ready for the thundering multitudes. We got them set up with 3 t.v.s in their living room and kitchen so we’ll all have a good view of the action. Dub is remarkably calm and says “It’ll prolly be close but Patrick will make sure we win.” We sure hope he’s right!

It’s a “Friends Friday” look at Pornceptual’s “Get naked” series!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. This week, we want to share some beautiful pics we’ve just recently found on-line. They’re from a photo conglomerative called “Pornceptual – get naked.” The web address is:
Keon and I spent a long time looking at the pics and finally picked out some of our favorites. They are:
Pics 01-012 “Vlad gets naked” photographed by Eric Phillips
Pics 013-020 “Blessed Boy gets naked” photographed by Rodrigo Stuck
Pics 021-023 “Bruno gets naked” photographed by Renaud Duc
Pics 024-026 “Oz gets naked” photographed by Santy Mito
Pics 027-030 “Fabrizio gets naked” photographed by Mano Martinez
Pics 031-048 “Dani Lozano gets naked” photographed by Rocco Parra
We hope you’ll take a look – not only at these pics – but at the other models featured in the “get naked” series. xoxo Rick and Keon