It’s a “Friends Friday” Pride Month interracial mega-post.

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Last week, I texted David and Ben asking if they’d like me to do a “Pride Month” post. David texted back “Of course.” Ben said “Absolutely.” I think this year with all the racial unrest in the Country, Pride Month” has a special meaning, and that’s what I’ve tried to capture with these pics.
As you know, Pride Month is celebrated in June each year. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia:
“The Stonewall Uprising of June 1969 was a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the gay (LGBTQ) community in Greenwich Village, New York City. Patrons of the Stonewall Inn, gay street kids from the surrounding area, and members of the community who came from neighboring gay and lesbian bars, fought back against an early morning police raid, refusing to be arrested for simply patronizing a gay bar and being out in public. The Stonewall riots are widely considered to be the most important event leading to the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for LGBT rights in the United States.”
It’s taken more than fifty years for gays in America to achieve a decent amount of justice and equality – and much work remains to be done. None of the Northland gang members are old enough to have experienced the discrimination, ignorance and ugliness suffered by gay people fifty years ago. Hopefully, our kids will grow up in a World of even more justice and equality for gays, blacks, hispanics, american indians and other minorities. Cal often points out that our little group doesn’t live in the “real world” and, of course he’s right. In our Northland family, it makes absolutely no difference whether you’re white, black, ginger, hearing-impaired or anything else. Heck, we even treat Aussies like “real people” 🙂
Our hope is that all the recent demonstrations will someday result in true equality for gays, blacks and other minorities. We can, at least HOPE!
xoxo Rick and Keon


On Friday, our friend “Denny” commented, saying:
Today, June 24, 2016, President Obama designated the area around The Stonewall Inn in Manhattan, New York City, as the nation’s first National Monument to LGBT rights.
The Stonewall National Monument is the newest addition to America’s national parks system.
The Monument encompasses Christopher Park, the Stonewall Inn and the surrounding streets and sidewalks that were the sites of the June 28, 1969 Stonewall uprising.
Thank you, Mr. President, indeed. And “thank you” to the Stonewall rioters and to the hundreds of thousands of others who have worked so hard to build the LGBT movement and move our society toward equality.
Also, today, June 26th is the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s monumental ruling making gay marriage legal in all 50 states.
While discrimination against the LGBT community obviously still exists, the Country has come a long way toward equality.
For any of our URD family members who may not be familiar with the Stonewall riots, here’s a brief description:
Stonewall Riots: The Beginning of the LGBT Movement:
This Sunday, June 28, will mark the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the event largely regarded as a catalyst for the LGBT movement for civil rights in the United States. The riots inspired LGBT people throughout the country to organize in support of gay rights, and within two years after the riots, gay rights groups had been started in nearly every major city in the United States.
At the time, there were not many places where people could be openly gay. New York had laws prohibiting homosexuality in public, and private businesses and gay establishments were regularly raided and shut down.
In the early hours of June 28, 1969, a group of gay customers at a popular gay bar in Greenwich Village called the Stonewall Inn, who had grown angry at the harassment by police, took a stand and a riot broke out. As word spread throughout the city about the demonstration, the customers of the inn were soon joined by other gay men and women who started throwing objects at the policemen, shouting “gay power.”
Police reinforcements arrived and beat the crowd away, but the next night, the crowd returned, even larger than the night before, with numbers reaching over 1000. For hours, protesters rioted outside the Stonewall Inn until the police sent a riot-control squad to disperse the crowd. For days following, demonstrations of varying intensity took place throughout the city.
In the wake of the riots, intense discussions about civil rights were held among New York’s LGBT people, which led to the formation of various advocacy groups such as the short-lived Gay Liberation Front, which was the first group to use the word “gay” in its name, and a city-wide newspaper called Gay. On the 1st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the first gay pride parades in U.S. history took place in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and near the Stonewall Inn in New York.
The Stonewall riots inspired LGBT people throughout the country to organize in support of gay rights, and within two years after the riots, gay rights groups had been started in nearly every major city in the United States.

Somewhere… over the rainbow…

We had planned to do a “rainbows” post to celebrate gay pride month… but now, it’s become a very sad time for the LGBT community. The incredible horrors that were the twin towers, Paris, Ft. Hood, Boston, San Bernardino and many others have now become a gruesome attack on gays in Orlando. It’s a horrendous thing and we grieve for the victims and their families, friends and loved ones.
Ben, Dub and I spend our lives in this happy, comfortable little cocoon here in the Kansas City Northland, and it’s easy (or maybe just convenient) to forget about all the hatred and ugliness in the world. While we’ve been accepted and befriended by most people in our area – and the Obama administration and Supreme court have made it easier to be gay in America – we know there are still untold thousands (if not millions) of narrow-minded, bigoted people who own guns, hate gays and wish us harm. Right now, it’s mostly a very few mis-guided Muslims inflicting pain and suffering on the World… but God help us if Donald Trump should be elected President.