Dude. Check out these butt naked bespectacled bois!

If you ask us, dudes wearing glasses are really sexy. Cal wears his all the time – except when he’s in the hot tub 🙂 A few weeks ago, Chance seemed to be struggling with reading, so Cal took him to an ophthalmologist to see if his vision was a problem. Turns out his “reading vision” needed correction but his “distance vision” was perfect. So the ophthalmologist said he needed reading glasses. The thing is, Chance walks like Cal, talks like Cal, dresses like Cal and he really wanted glasses like Cal’s. So now he’s got glasses that are kind of “bifocals” that he wears all the time. The bottom part corrects his reading vision and the tops are clear. He couldn’t be happier – and he couldn’t have a better role model.
It we’re counting correctly, this is the 19th in our “butt/buck naked” series and we think each one is hotter than the last! Gosh. We must have covered every possible “butt/buck naked” topic by now. There couldn’t possibly be any more, could there??

Gotta love ‘dem boys with glasses!

A couple of days ago, we had an e-mail from our friend “Phil” saying (in part):
“I was looking back at old posts. It appears there has been no glasses post for 366 days, and that is far too long for my liking. Nerdy boys with glasses are definitely my thing.”
Wow! Can it really be more than a year? Our bad!
We’ve posted a few “boys with glasses” videos over on Tumblr and now it’s time for some pics. Really ain’t NOTHIN’ hotter than “Nerdy boys with glasses.”
Hope you like these, Phil. We love you (and Kyle).
David and Ben

The better to see you with!

A couple of weeks ago, we were having breakfast one morning and – out of a clear, blue sky, Dub said, “Maybe Austin needs to get glasses.” I asked why he thought that and he said Austin had told him “sometimes, like when we’re reading, I don’t see too good.” I called Tyler later that morning and told him what Dub had said and he thanked me and asked for the name of Dub’s optometrist. I gave him the name of the pediatric ophthalmologist who had seen Dub and he said they’d make an appointment and have it checked out.
Damien and Tyler had a big Halloween party to go to on Monday and wouldn’t be home until late, so Damien asked if Austin could spend the night with us. I checked with David and Dub and, of course it was o.k. with them, so he did. It was the first time we’d seen Austin in his new glasses and he’s even cuter with them than without. I asked him if he could see better now that he had glasses and he said, “Yeah. Now I can see real good.” I said, “You mean ‘Now I can see real well?” He grinned and said, “Yeah. That too.”
As I thought about it, I realized Dub has been wearing glasses for almost a year and I’ve almost forgotten what he looks like without them. This is going WAY too fast!