Dude. See it. Smell it. Taste it!

In response to Ben’s “shower jacking” post, “bw” commented,
“Maybe I am the exception, but I was never a shower jacker – I did, of course, soap it up and get things going, but I always like to see, smell and occasionally taste my cum instead of having it disappear down the drain.”
I think Bill has it right. Not many things better than “Seeing, smelling and tasting it” 🙂

Dub is, of course, very excited about Christmas. We got Angie’s gift bought and mailed on December 2nd and she’s already called to tell him she’s received it (but hasn’t opened it yet, as directed.) Christmas break runs from December 20th till January 5th, so the kids will have lots of free time. Dub was really excited about a school science project where their class built (and launched) a model rocket. He thought it was about the coolest thing ever. So “Santa” will be bringing him model rocket kits this year. Alex’ idea about doing Christmas at the Lake was a stroke of genius. The kids (and the grandparents and Jim and Carol) are really looking forward to it. Hope you guys have excellent Holiday plans that include friends and/or family. xoxo David and Ben

Whoa! Happy New Year… and a big “Thank you.”

Happy New Year, guys! Sorry we didn’t get this posted yesterday, but things were crazy around here. Hope your New Years celebrations were safe, healthy and fun.
As we look back on 2018, it was a good year overall. We lost our dear little friend “Bono” and hundreds of Tumblr friends – but many good things happened.
-A little dude who spit in his foster dad’s face in January made origami angels to look over his friends in December.
-A princess got a new foot for her new puppy and wore suspenders to a wedding.
-A little prince who once suffered a broken arm and cigarette burns on his back thrived in his new home and took charge of decorating a Christmas tree.
-A lovable young wizard talked with plants and animals and continued to astonish us every single day.
We had fun in the hot tub – fun at the lake – “crank” ice cream – a garden – new puppies – good friends – and more miracles than we can count.
THANK YOU. For being a part of our lives and for sharing the happenings here in the Northland. We love you and hope to continue to celebrate life with our many on-line friends throughout the coming years! HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo David and Ben

Dude. It’s a Friday Squirtz flashback!