The redder, the better!

It’s probably not fair. I mean, we always talk about Keon. As you know, Ben and I and Dub are all crazy about Keon.
What isn’t fair is we don’t talk much about Rick… and say what we feel about him.
We met Rick at a nursery over by Smithville… and got to know him… and care about him a whole lot. He’s an amazing dude.
What matters is that Rick is one of the most wonderful, most genuine, most totally lovable dudes ever. He’s a beautiful red-headed boy we met and fell in love with. We introduced him to Keon and it was “love at first sight.”
Go figure. A macho black dude… and a sort-of-femine redhead. Two guys who probably didn’t mean to… but, somehow, met… and fell in love.
I don’t know much about anything… but I know that Keon and Rick are the best friends anyone could have.