Dude. I say “the redder the better”!

Hi, guys. It’s Silas. I hope I’m not posting too much, but “Fred” commented on my “blonde to the bone” post, saying “Thanks so much. Perhaps Redheads are next?? Carry on.” So, I thought, “Sure, why not?” As you know, Rick is our favorite ginger boy and he has red hair, pubes, leg hair, pits and chest frizz. Combine all that with his hairy, flaming butt crack and fabulous smile and he’s one beautiful dude. Hope you guys like these redheads as much as I do! xoxo Silas

We had “open house” here at rainbow aerie on Saturday. At Denise’s suggestion, we invited everyone to come from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m., with dinner at 5. It was a big crowd and we had lots of fun.
We’ve already told you all about the house, deck and hot tub so I won’t repeat any of that. Bella and Alex had a great time conducting tours and telling everyone about the furnishings, color schemes, etc. We bought a new t.v. and appliances, but all the furniture, rugs and accessories are “gently used” (as Alex says). It came from Alex’s storage units, consignment shops and flea markets. It was great fun searching for – and finding – just the right pieces to form an elegant, yet comfortable home. Alex really is a decorating genius and he saved us a ton of money.
Nathan and Diana brought the twins and they LOVED the hot tub. It’s shallow on one end so Daniel and (little) Nathan could walk in the water. They’d take a few steps and go “plop” on their bottoms and splash around and laugh like crazy. They’re a hoot.
For dinner, we had 3 grills going and everyone got to make and cook their own kabob. We had, steak, fish, chicken, bell pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and asparagus so everyone could select what they wanted. Kabobs are one of the kids favorite things. Of course we had all kinds of sides and desserts.
After dinner, our phones started pinging and we saw we’d all received an e-mail from Travon. He sent us his video of the construction of rainbow aerie so we could watch it on our phones, tablets and whatever. It’s 16 minutes long and it’s AMAZING. It starts with Daisy, Dante and me sitting on the ground where it’s going to be built – shows the site clearing, well drilling, concrete work, framing and so on… every step in the building process. One of the neatest things is the part where he shows the millwork, doors and cabinets being built in Nathan’s cabinet shop. It has Tra standing outside the shop putting plugs in his ears. When he puts the plugs in, all sound stops while in the shop. When he leaves the shop, he grins and takes the ear plugs out and the music resumes. The video ends with Daisy, Dante and me sitting on the deck by the hot tub. He’s a very creative guy. After we’d watched the video, Marco (Dante’s dad) handed Travon an envelope. He opened it and there were 3 – one-hundred dollar bills in it. We didn’t know it, but Marco had asked Tra to make the video before any construction began. Tra was grinning from ear-to-ear!
At 7 p.m. Denise announced the open house was over and she, Scott, Jim and Carol started loading the kids to take them to Koala cove to spend the night. After everyone was gone except for the adult guys, the margaritas and pot pipes came out… we got naked and jumped into the hot tub for the REAL party. In case you were wondering how I knew about Rick’s “hairy, flaming butt crack”, now you know 🙂
Love you guys. Silas and Dante

Dude. Check out these butt naked ginger bois!

And so, our butt/buck naked venture continues… this time with redheaded boys or “gingers.” Naked and proud of their bodies – and happy to let us have a look. Thank you for sharing guys. We think you’re YUMMY!

It’s a “Friends Friday” look at ginger boys and ginger hunks!

In response to our post of “ginger boys in their undies,” “bw” commented, saying:
“Keon – since you got us all hot and bothered with these ginger boys, I think a follow-up post of gingers naked as the day they were born is sorely needed. Please???”
That’s a great idea, and since I’d mentioned the change in Rick from when I met him until now, I thought I’d “have a go” at matching up some pics of younger gingers and ginger hunks. I’m not sure how well I’ve succeeded – but it sure was fun! xoxo Keon (and Rick)

The Chiefs played Denver in a snowstorm on Sunday so the gang all got together over at Ty and Damien’s place for “tailgating” and to watch the game in their media room. We had a blast! We had huevos rancheros (and margaritas for the adults) out on the driveway in the snow before the game and the kids absolutely loved it. After throwing lots of snowballs, they were a snow-covered mess when we went in to watch the game.
By the way, Chance was with us and all his bandages have now been removed. Outside of a spot where they shaved his head, you’d never know he had the surgery. We’re all excited for him to have his implant turned on (the first week in January).