W H O A ! W O F F ! Y U M !

Commenting on our request for “porn pup” post recommendations, our buddy “Beto” said (in part):
“David, as far as I recall it, there’s actually a pending list. Hope you and my mates don’t mind an update on this topic:
bw – Calvin Banks, Blake Mitchell, Will Braun.”
Thank you, Beto! I have no idea how we missed these requests, but it’s time to get cracking on them. In thinking about “bw”‘s request, we had a bit of a quandary about which of the three dudes to select. We finally settled on “Blake Mitchell” because he’s a hot guy with a BIG, uncut dick – has tons of pics available – and he’s cute in his glasses (he even wears ’em in the shower!) Blake started his gay modeling career with Helix Studios in 2015 at the age of 21. He’s also performed for Cockyboys, BelAmi and possibly others. He’s almost exclusively a “top” but he did “bottom” in a Helix scene in 2017.
Thanks for the suggestion, bw… and thanks for updating us on these requests, Beto. We’ll keep it going!

Dude. Gotta wear your shades!

Dub has been wanting to have Chance over to our house to see his room, garden, plants, dogs, etc. – so yesterday, we did that. Roberta is going to be at Cal and Alex’ place five days per week and have weekends off, so it worked out well. When we picked Chance up, he wasn’t wearing sunglasses and that was upsetting to Dub… who never goes outside without his. We asked him if he had sunglasses and he “said” he didn’t, so, of course, we stopped at our optometrist’s office on our way home and got him some. Dub was relieved that Chance’s eyes will now be safe from UV rays when he’s outside. The boys were a “hoot” wearing their “shades” and thought they were about the coolest thing ever. We took tons of pics. Dub and Chance had a GREAT day – and “Buzz” didn’t get more than a foot or two away from them. We did salads and individual “make your own” pizzas and Chance thought that was awesome. Although they don’t know all that much sign language yet, communicating doesn’t seem to be any problem whatever. Dub says “talking” with Chance is “real easy – you just do it with your hands and eyes.” They’re obviously going to be very good friends!

Cal’s new glasses.

Cal, Alex and Bella took David, Dub and me out for dinner Friday evening. We went to “Q39” a new BBQ place in midtown and the food was outstanding. We asked if there was a “special occasion” and Alex laughed and said, “Yes. Spending time with special friends.” The first thing we noticed was Callum’s new glasses. He said he’s been having problems with his distance vision for a while. Said he briefly considered contacts but “I’m basically a WUS, and can’t stand the thought of sticking stuff in my eyes.” If possible, the glasses make him even more handsome. David and I think they give him a “studious preppy” look. Alex is so excited about Keon and Rick’s new cabin he can hardly stand it. He said he’s done sketches and color layouts with wall and floor covering samples for every room. We can’t wait to see them. The rest of the evening, Bella and Dub kept us entertained with stories about all that’s going on with them. They only have a week of school remaining and they’re all about their Summer plans.
David put together the pics for this post. Said it was his tribute to Cal and his new glasses.

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. I asked Ben if he or David had any new posts planned and he said David was doing a post to celebrate Cal’s new glasses. I asked if I could “tag onto it” and he said “Of course.” So here goes….
Friday, Denise called from Branson to tell me they’d closed on the purchase of the new lake property. She said everything went smoothly. I said, “Ummm. Denise. I should have called you. Ummm. Keon and I have decided taking on a lake cabin is too much for us… so we’re not interested in buying it.” There was this stunned silence that seemed to go on for a very long time before I finally started laughing. Then Denise started laughing and said, “Rick. You are such a wicked little fuck stick. You’re just awful!” So we both laughed and laughed and I eventually told her how much we appreciate Scott and her helping us with buying the place. They’re amazing friends!
I think Alex is as excited about the new cabin as Keon, Travon and me. He’s helped us pick out colors, floor and wall coverings, etc., and has done art sketches of every room so we can see what it’s going to look like. He’s a dear friend and has remarkable decorating talent. I called him after I talked with Denise on Friday and told him what I’d done. He said, “Good job!” and we both laughed and laughed.
Travon has Alex’ sketch of his room in the cabin taped up on his wall and has spent hours just sitting and looking at it. He’s excited about the end of the school year – and spending time at the lake. There’s much to do on the cabin, but we’re going to make sure there’s LOTS of time for fun on the water with our friends! xoxo Rick and Keon