Movember? Bunch of silly rules. Not happenin’ here in the Northland!

As you guys will probably remember, the last few years the members of the Northland gang have all grown beards in support of Movember. We think it’s a great cause because it supports research on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention. That’s cool. However, this year we got an e-mail from the November folks with the “rules” for this year. Here they are:
1. Once registered at each Mo Bro must begin the 1st of November with a clean shaven face.
2. For the entire month of November each Mo Bro must grow and groom a mustache.
3. Don’t fake it. No beards. No goatees and no fake mustaches.
4. Use the power of the mustache to create conversation and raise funds for men’s health.
5. Each Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman.
When we got the e-mail, we forwarded it to the gang. We won’t publish the replies but the response was unanimous.
1. We all support awareness of mens health issues.
2. We all have facial hair.
3. We ain’t gonna “begin the 1st of November with a clean shaven face.”
So we’ll sent them contributions, but we aren’t shaving off our facial hair.
We should mention that Chad has had a goatee for about as long as we’ve known him. He’s a handsome dude and wears it well. A while back, Alex told us that one night while he, Cal and Bella were reading (this was before “Chance”) Bella rubbed his (bare) face and said “I wish you had a fuzzy face like Unca Chad.” He said he and Cal talked about it and started growing goatees the next day. It’s been a while and they both have awesome goatees now.
Which brings us to the point that we’ve never done a “Goatee” post on UnrulyDude. It’s probably time we did 🙂