Dude. Happy National grab some nuts day!

On July 15th, our buddy “Tim” commented: “The last ‘Grab Some Nuts Day’ post dates back to August 2017. After this Bulge post, would it be appropriate to request a follow up ‘Grab Some Nuts Day’ post?”
Well, of course it’s appropriate, Tim. It’s our bad for not honoring this important day for the past 4 years. As you guys undoubtedly know, “Grab some nuts day” is a major National holiday that should be celebrated by …ummm… grabbing some nuts.
Anyway, when we got Tim’s request, the first thing we did was fire off an e-mail to Beto asking for help. And, boy… did he ever come through. The first 24 pics here are from Beto and the remaining 24 are from David’s and my “grab some nuts” folders.
So THANK YOU, Tim – and THANK YOU, Beto. You guys are awesome. Now, guys, lets all get out there and “GRAB SOME NUTS”!

Dude. Happy “Grab some nuts day”!!

I swear. You CAN NOT make this shit up. Today, August 3rd is “National Grab some nuts day.” If you don’t believe me, check it out. Just Google “Grab some nuts day” and you’ll see. The solemnity of the occasion touches my heart so much that I think I’ll go grab David’s nuts… and maybe just chow down on ’em… like the little dude in pic #4 🙂