Got ’em “hitched”… and now it’s on to Christmas…

Gram and Matt are married now…and a glorious day yesterday was. There’s much to tell you, so let’s get to it. We had the biggest crowd ever for a wedding here at the house. Several of Gram and Matt’s friends drove up from Springfield, as did Gram’s minister who performed the ceremony. Due to the minister’s schedule, we held the ceremony at 11:00 a.m. with a lunch reception following. Of course the Northland 12 were here, plus Chad and lots of others.
The house was already decorated for Christmas and Dub and Denise did the major part of the planning. At Dub’s insistence, all the guys wore white shirts with red neckties and suspenders. When Cal, Alex and Bella (aka “Izzie”) arrived, we were surprised to see her in a white blouse with a red tie …and suspenders (we assume “to keep her skirt from falling off”).
As you might expect, Pop-pops took care of photographing and video recording the whole thing. It’s cool that Angie will be able to watch it by video.
After eating ridiculous amounts of food (thanks to Denise, David and Costco) we all went outside and “threw birdseed” at the newlyweds before they jumped into Matt’s car to leave for their honeymoon. Chad and the kids had had great fun decorating the car with flowers, “just married” signs, balloons and, of course tin cans.
With the wedding behind us, we can turn our attention to plans for Christmas. David, Dub and I will open our gifts on Christmas eve… as a big Christmas day is planned with the whole gang over at Scott and Denise’s Briarcliff condo.
We hope you guys all have wonderful plans for a magical holiday season!
xoxo Ben and David