“Gray skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face!”

Our “Colors” post series continues with some dudes in (and out of) GRAY whatevers. We suppose “Gray” (or “Grey” if you prefer) isn’t really a “Color” at all… just a blend of black and white. Having said that, it’s what these guys have in common. That and a whole bunch of “hotness” 🙂

Another week of coronavirus madness has come to an end and we’re still going strong here at Table Rock.
David, Chad and Matty are in the Northland now, but will be back later this afternoon. Matty met yesterday with the “child counselor” and it apparently went well. Chad said both the counselor and Matty wore masks during the session. She (the counselor) told Chad she’d asked Matty if he knew why they were wearing masks. He answered “I guess it’s because of the crayola virus.” She said she was glad she had a mask on so he couldn’t see her laughing.
David and Chad had a list of things the kids wanted from home. Bella wanted more clothes… Travon wanted his camera… Chance wanted his headphones… and so forth. They’re also bringing Dub’s grow lights and the plants he’s been growing from seeds for his garden. He’s decided not to make a garden at home this year – but he and Jim are going to “garden together” here at the Lake. I don’t know which of them is more excited about it, but Jim laughed and said “I bet this will be the most weed-free garden I’ve ever had.”
Keon and Rick are the only other parents who will be at the Lake this weekend. Keon has been working from home and Rick is on leave from his job so they’re pretty confident they haven’t come in contact with anyone who might be positive for coronavirus. Of course, Denise and Scott wanted to come, but they live on the 20th floor of their condo building and have to use the elevator, so they’re worried they may have run into someone who might be positive. All the kids have been skyping with their parents every day so loneliness hasn’t been a problem yet.
We don’t have a plan as to how long we’ll be sheltering here at Table Rock. Maybe this thing will slow down in a few weeks?
Chad came up with the idea of teaching the kids to sing “Put on a happy face,” and they love it. We sing it at “school” every day.
“Spread sunshine all over the place – And put on a happy face” 🙂