It’s “Friends Friday” and we’re asking “Who would you do?”

Hey guys. It’s Rick. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a “Friends Friday” post, so I thought I’d have a go at one. As I ramble around the web, I keep running across “who would you do?” photos. The only problem is – they’re mostly the same pics… so I thought I’d do some new ones. It turned into kind of a “mega post” so it may force Jingle to brew an extra pot of dark roast 🙂 I had fun putting this together and hope you’ll enjoy the many choices.

Things are going well here at Table Rock – except for Ben’s scaring the living shit out of us this past week. He seems fine now and we’re all thankful for that. I’ll let him or David tell you all about it in another post. Love you guys. xoxo Rick and Keon

Texas three-way!

Here’s an e-mail we received yesterday from our Texas friends, J.T. and Mike:
“Hey, David and Ben. We wanted to tell you about our Friday evening (night). It was a first for us and it was just neater ‘n shit! I was gonna tell you about it with a comment, but Mike said Bill S. had mentioned that sometimes comments get lost – and we want to share this with the guys.
Shaun (our truck salesman) called yesterday and wanted to know if we wanted to grab a bite to eat after he got off work. We told him “Sure.” so he came over and we went and got some Tex-Mex carry-out and brought it back to our condo and ate it out by the pool (so we could drink beer while we were eating). After we ate, it was late and the pool area was deserted so we drank some more beer and smoked a couple of joints out there. We were gettin’ kind of wasted, and Shaun said “I’m hot and sweaty, how ’bout we go for a swim?” We told him since it was after ten p.m., the pool was supposed to be closed, but he said, “We can be quiet and no one will hear us.” Mike and I were afraid we’d get in trouble with the condo association, but Sean said, “Come on you pussies, let’s do it.” So we stripped down to our tighty whites and got in the pool. As we were getting in, it was obvious that all three of us had boners. We stayed pretty quiet, but played grab-ass in the water for a while and Mike said, “Let’s take this inside.” So we got out – grabbed our clothes and headed in. When we got inside, we were all laughing and dripping on the carpet so we took off our wet undies and just stood there for a few seconds while our hard dicks bobbed, weaved and dripped… then, kind of at the same time, Mike and I dropped to our knees and started sucking on Sean’s dick and balls. It wasn’t long before he shot his load in our mouths and all over our faces, so Mike and I were licking and kissing and, when we looked up at Shaun, he had this ear-to-ear grin and said, “That was fuckin’ hot!” Since Shaun had gotten off, I guess Mike and I thought he might be ready to leave – but we drank another beer and he asked if we could take a shower. So. We did. It was crowded but we managed to get everyone lathered up, rinsed, and dried off. Then, we smoked another joint and got in bed and showed him what gay sex is all about. We sucked and licked pits and asses and Shaun fucked us both. The next thing I knew, it was morning and Shaun was getting dressed. He said, “I gotta go home and get on some clean clothes and get to work.” So he left and Mike and I had a bunch of slow, lazy sex and slept in. Shaun called a little after noon and thanked us for “The best night of my life.” He asked if we could do “it” again sometime and we said, “Yup. Sounds good.”
We don’t know if Shaun is gay or not. He told us he’s never done anything with a guy before, but if it really was his first time, he’s for sure a quick learner. Of course, it was me and Mike’s first threesome, but we don’t think it’ll be our last!”
Thanks for the report, guys. Sounds to us like you’re on your way to HOT new adventures. We’re posting your e-mail exactly as you sent it to us.
David and Ben


Well… we thought last night would be interesting… and it definitely was. David and I had a busy day – but managed to get the chili cooking and then have a little piss play and a nice long shower before Keon got here about six. We told him about Ricky and he thought it was cool. Ricky showed up about six-thirty… and looked kind of shocked when we introduced him to Keon. I made tomato beers for everyone while David finished dinner. After dinner, Ricky pulled a joint out of his pocket – but Keon said he had some kick-ass stuff he wanted us to try – so he lit up a joint and we passed it around while we all drank another beer. It definitely was kick-ass smoke – and in a few minutes we were all blitzed. We were in the living room and I said, “Hey, Ricky… I told you we might have a surprise for you,” and I walked over to Keon, undid his belt and jeans and slipped them down. He was already semi-hard when I pulled down his boxers and Ricky sort of gasped. Keon looked at Ricky and said, “You wanta suck this big, black dick, kid… come on over here and get on your knees.” Ricky was on his knees in about 2 seconds and was doing a great job of sucking while David and I pulled clothes off both of them. We were soon all naked and I spread a blanket on the floor and Keon took David’s hand and pulled him down to the floor. David was on his side when Keon shoved his dick in his hole. I thought that looked really cool, so I got on the floor and slid my cock in Keon’s ass. Ricky was just standing there with his dick pointing at the ceiling, so I said, “Come on, dude… stick that thing in my hole. He did… and for a while it was an amazing 4-dude fuck. Eventually, we broke it up and everyone sort of sucked and fucked everyone else till we all dumped a couple of loads. By then, it was pretty late – and Ricky asked if he and Keon could sleep in my room downstairs. I told them “Sure – make yourself at home.” So they left and David and I went to bed. We slept in this morning, but by about eleven o’clock we had coffee, bacon and french toast ready so I told David I’d go down and tell the guys we were ready to eat. I got downstairs and heard the sound of fucking and Ricky saying “Oh…fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… over and over. I didn’t interrupt and went back upstairs and David and I had brunch. Finally, about one this afternoon, Keon and Ricky came up and Keon said, “Sorry to be so late… but we just couldn’t quit fuckin’. I’m thinking this boy has about the finest ass in the whole world.” Ricky was blushing like crazy – so we made them bacon and french toast and they left in Ricky’s truck. I don’t know, but I’m guessing Keon and Ricky are going to be seeing a whole lot of each other in the future.