Happy birthday, dear Denny!

It’s Denny’s birthday and we’re wishing him good health, bright, sunny, shorts and sneakers days… carefree romps with the puppies… sloppy, endless hugs from Dave and lots of Ken Jennings-hosted Jeopardy episodes. We love you, Denny. Thank you for being a special friend of Unrulydude and the Table Rock gang. xoxo David, Ben and everyone at the lake!

Full disclosure. Our excellent friend Beto e-mailed us a couple of weeks ago with wonderful pics for Denny’s birthday. So… pics #01 through #030 – and #48 are a special birthday gift from Beto. Thank you for these, Beto… your selections are “spot-on” and sexy as Hell. Love you!

Dude. Check out these “balls ‘n bones” !

Beto’s comment about the “beautiful balls” on a dude in our last post got us thinking about… well… uh… BALLS. So we checked, and it’s been over a year since we devoted a post to “the boys.” So, here we go… “balls ‘n bones.” What could be better than that? !

It’s been crazy busy around here lately. The last day of this school term is tomorrow and it’ll be nice to have time to enjoy being outdoors and out on the lake.
Dub and Chance have still been working with Alex and Nathan, getting furniture ready for the Hawks nest. Alex says everything is coming along nicely and notes that Dub has become a “wizard” with the spray gun.
We’re pleased the FDA has approved a “booster shot” of the Pfizer covid vaccine for kids age 5-11. We’ll be going to Springfield next week to get the kids boosted. Of course while we’re there we’ll meet up with the grandparents for lunch from Pizza House. What a wonderful way to start the summer!
We hope you guys are having nice weather and enjoying being in the great out of doors. Much love to you all. xoxo Ben and David

Dude. Thank you!

In response to our “shaved” post, Fred commented: “There you go. Tease us about a Big Bear Bash at the house, and give us a great Post with very little Body Hair. I would imagine that another, furrier Post is forthcoming.”
You guys know us well.
In any case, David and I (and our friends here at Table Rock) appreciate a dude who has the good taste and courage to leave his body hair tha fuck alone! Honestly, though, we love looking at neckid bodies with or without hair 🙂

When I decided to do this post, I naturally thought of our friend Beto who, as you know, is the expert on all things hirsute. I e-mailed him and asked if he had any pics he’d like to contribute to a “hairy dude post.” He immediately sent us a TON of wonderful pics and we’ve included about half of them here. I’ve put the rest in various folders to be used in future posts. THANK YOU, BETO. You’re da BEST!