His name is “Mauro,” and he’s a perfect example of the rare “purple-spotted unicorn”!

We’ve done lots of “series” posts here on URD, but never before one with 68 pics.
I thought about eliminating some… but couldn’t. This dude’s name is “Mauro” and I think he’s absolutely breathtaking. I just found him on the internet and know nothing about him. Based on how proud he is of his fuzzy little poop chute, I’m guessing he’s not necessarily straight?
“Mauro” is a “Portuguese and Southern-Italian form of the Latin name Maurus,” which means “Moor” or “dark skinned”. We’re hoping maybe Beto or Bill or one of you guys can give us more information.
In the mean-time, enjoy. He reminds me of Ben when we first met – and he’s a stunning little fucker 🙂

Dude. It’s a sighting of a “purple spotted unicorn”!

Speaking of our “Porn pups” series, “Beto” commented: “…I can’t have just one favorite, but let me pick Jay Davis. He’s the cutest little furry naughty sex devil out there… a crazy avid cocksucker and cum eater (he even has only-sucking scenes),,, and your utmost unrulyboi, so just perfect for URD – and me, of course. He worked for Treasure Island and GuyBone.”
That got us started collecting “Jay Davis” pics and we ended up with well over 300 of ’em in our folders – which made choosing 48 difficult. In this post, the first pics (#01 – #08) are of Jay naked and solo. The next twelve (#09 – #020) are from a raw sex scene with Jack Miles. The next sixteen (#021 – #036) are of Jay suckin’ dick (arguably the thing he does best). The next eight (#037 – 044) are from a scene with Riley Landon barebacking Jay. The last four (#045 – #048) are fun shots of Jay with his bare dick shoved into Ryan Powers’ pretty little hole.
If you’re interested in watching our favorite Jay Davis scene, just Google “LITTLE JAY DAVIS SUCKS MORE DICK” and you’ll find 3 minutes and 59 seconds of superb cock-sucking (and ass eating) that might even teach Jingle and the rest of us a thing or two 🙂
Thanks, Beto for a wonderful “Porn pup” suggestion. It’s brought us more fun than we could possibly have imagined.

Dudes without razors!

Guys… it’s Ben. I have news about my job I want to share with you. It’s like this… Ty and Damien have been “self-quarantined” for a while and will be moving to their “cabin” next week. That left the question of where I’d be having “school” with the kids. Ty insisted we keep using their place – but I didn’t think that was fair to them. I mean, it’s their home and they don’t need it to be a school house. So I mentioned that to Jim and he said he had an idea. Long story short, last Friday Jim and I met with “Dr. Jen…” who is a retired dentist. He owns a little free-standing building that housed his dental practice for the last 25 years of his career, and has been vacant for the last two years since he retired.
So Jim and I went to look at it. It’s empty now – he sold all the fixtures and furniture so it’s just an empty building. It has a small reception area, three “exam and treatment rooms,” two bathrooms and a little break area. The minute I saw it, I knew it was perfect for a little school-house. So, I called “Dr. C” and told him about it. The thing is… we’ve already announced that our school will be entirely “virtual learning” for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. Our students all have the necessary equipment and almost half of our teaching has been on-line anyway. “Dr. C” was really excited about what he’s calling our “Table Rock campus.” We’ve leased the building and the Northland gang is going to paint the interior this weekend. Alex is in-charge, of course and we’ve already chosen the colors… flooring and window blinds.
“Dr. C” is sending a truckload of tables, chairs, media equipment, cameras, lighting equipment and white boards. It’ll be here next Wednesday. WOW! I don’t know how long we’ll be living here at the Lake… but it looks like the “Table Rock campus” is going to be “home” for a while 🙂