Happy birthday, Beto. We love you!

Happy birthday, dear Beto. We wish you good health, love and every happiness on this special day – and throughout the coming year. Much love – and many hugs. David, Ben and the Table Rock gang.

O.K. We admit we’re a bit spoiled because every time we start to do a birthday post, Beto sends us a bunch of pics that are perfect for the birthday boy. Of course he didn’t sent us pics for his own birthday post, so we have to “wing it.” Beto, we hope this variety of hot, hairy boys brings you happiness on your special day. We love you and look forward to continuing our special, loving friendship!

Time to take a break from all this smut and look at some “rated G” dude pits pics!

When I was putting together my half of the July 19th “Yummy pits” post (Beto did the other half) I kept running across models from BelAmi, FreshMen and other European sites who have shaved armpits. It got me wondering, so I did some searching on-line and found that a high percentage of European men do shave their pits. This is apparently also the case in Germany. Current surveys show that armpit shaving is increasingly common among young men here in the U.S. Anyway, here are some G-rated pics of dudes who don’t shave – so you won’t forget what hairy armpits look like 🙂 xoxo Ben

Pits. pits. pits. pits. Yummy pits. pits. pits. pits!

Last week, I ran across a pic on line that I particularly like – the dude has beautiful eyes, nice tatts, pierced nips – and is showing us a yummy, unshaved pit (it’s pic #25 here). It got me thinking about hairy pits and, of course that got me thinking about our expert on all things hairy… so I shot off this e-mail:
“Hey, Beto. I’m putting together a hairy pits post for sometime next week and thought of you. I have 24 pics picked out for it and wonder if you’d like to send us 24? I’ve tried to focus on younger totally naked guys pics. Should be fun! Best, Ben”
Beto responded by sending us 24 awesome pics of young dudes with hairy pits. So… the first 24 pics here are from Beto and the rest (#25 through #48) are from me. I think the resulting post is really pretty cool. Hope you guys like it. THANK YOU, Beto. You’re the best!