It’s halloween, bitch. Let’s get spooky!

So, it’s been a wonderful halloween. Dub got to go “trick-or-treating” for his first time… and met his new friend “Erik” who lives 3 houses up the street. And got lots of candy and stuff. He was the cutest little ghost ever, I think.
Anyway, David and I took Dub and joined up with Erik’s parents and the kids – and we went to about a dozen or so houses (probably more) – with the kids saying “Trick or treat,” and it was fun for all of us. And, afterward, we asked Erik’s Mom and Dad if they’d like to come in for a drink. And they said they would… So, the kids played with their Halloween plunder and Erik’s Mom and Dad and David and I had some drinks and we all laughed… watching the kids with all the candy and stuff they’d collected. At one point, Erik’s dad said, “I notice you guys are wearing identical wedding rings. Does that mean you’re married?” And I said, “Yup. We sure are.”
He just looked at us and said, “That’s cool. I think it’s neat that two guys can be a couple and be married and have a kid. It should have always been like this.”
So, that’s how our halloween has gone. We’ve met some totally cool neighbors… and Dub has a new playmate.
And, we’re posting some typical Saturday Unrulyboi smutt for you guys to get off on. Happy halloween!