Dude. Check out the foreskins on these amazing Asian boys!

On August 20th, we did a post in response to Alex’ request: “Speaking of great packages: I would love to see a post with uncut black guys! Preferably hard with the foreskin still covering the head, but such shots can be hard to find 😁”
After our post, Alex commented, saying: “Mhhh oh yes! 😍 Thanks a lot, this is great! If you have time at some point, I would love to see that same post, but with Asians, too 😏”
Kent then commented: “I’ll second Alex’s idea about a similar post of Uncut Asian hotties.”
We thought it was a super idea – for a another post we’ve never done – so here you have it. Asian boys who are blessed with foreskin sufficient to cover their entire joysticks. YUM!

After Alex’ request for Asian guys with fab foreskins, we received an e-mail from Kent, offering to help us with the post. He then sent us a TON of wonderful pics of Asian dudes – a few of which are included here. We’ve put the rest of the pics in an “Asians from Kent” folder and will use them in future posts. Thanks, Kent. We love you!

Dude. Check out these butt naked boys with hands-free hard-ons!

Last Friday, Silas came to school with exciting news. He said Dante’s father had called and told them he’d bought them a wedding gift. Silas said they thought he was probably trying to make up for having been such a jerk-wad when he first learned they were getting married. Anyway, it’s 12 acres of land on top of the highest peak in our area. On Saturday, Dante, Silas, Ben, Jim, Alex, Nathan and I went to have a look. It’s heavily wooded, undeveloped and has the most spectacular view of Table Rock lake you could imagine. There’s no lake access but the property is less than a half mile from our “queers nest.”
It’s an exciting, remote location for a home and the guys are really excited about it. At Jim’s suggestion, the first thing they’re going to do is try drilling a water well. If they find good, potable water they plan to get with Alex and the architect who designed Ty and Damien’s home to get a home building project underway. Nathan and his guys will do the building, of course… and Alex will assist with the design and handle the decorating.
We’re excited for Silas and Dante and, as Ben says, “You can never have enough good neighbors” 🙂

Dude. Check out these “Stand-up twinks”!

About three weeks ago, we received an e-mail from “Lloyd in Canton, OH.” We’ve been e-mailing back and forth since. To summarize, “Lloyd” is a 25 year old single gay guy who came out to his family and friends recently. He says everyone has been “great about it,” although his parents are very disappointed because they’ve always wanted grandkids. The thing is, Lloyd has a “close lifelong female friend, Karen.” They went through school together and were raised in the same church. They even went to their high school prom together. Lloyd says she’s known he was gay for several years and never told a single person. The issue is… Karen wants to have a baby and has asked him to be her sperm donor. He says her family has money and she’s not asking for marriage, money or anything other than his sperm. He asked us what we thought he should do and we told him we’d run it past you guys. Anyone have thoughts or advice for him?
While we’ve been e-mailing, Lloyd has told us he likes young, smooth guys who don’t have tattoos or piercings. He said “You know… guys like your friend Larry likes.”
Since we haven’t done a “stand-up dudes” post for well over a year, we thought we’d post some “stand-up twinks. We know these pretty boys won’t appeal to everyone, but we’re pretty sure Lloyd (and Larry) will like ’em!

We were pleasantly surprised when we heard there’ll be two new Jeopardy hosts. We think Mike Richards will do a good job. Since Mayim Bailik will host a “prime time Jeopardy program” Dub said “I guess maybe I was half right.” 🙂