It’s Brad’s birthday… and that’s got everyone smiling!

Brad, we haven’t heard from you recently but as far as we’re concerned, you are and always be an important part of our URD family. Happy birthday, babe! We hope this finds you, hubby and Yaris happy and well and surviving the pandemic unscathed. We love you and wish you every happiness on your birthday and throughout the coming year. xox David, Ben and the Northland gang.

Good boys!

Their Mommas told ’em: “Good boys don’t touch themselves ‘down there’.”
These are good boys!

Here’s wishing all our URD friends a safe, healthy, happy Easter. We love you! Ben and David

Dude. “Buttons ‘n Bones”!

Every time we do a “butthole” post, we think of our buddy “Tim.” Obviously, not because he’s a “butthole,” but because no one we know loves a “butthole” more than Tim (and us). We love you, Tim! SLURP! 🙂

We’re settled in at Table Rock and thankful for our good fortune. If you’re going to self-quarantine during a pandemic this for sure ain’t a bad way to do it! Here’s a quick rundown:
– Ben and the kids are doing “school” five days per week and having a good time doing it. The latest is Dub told Ben he thought they should start learning to speak “French.” Ben said he spent a few hours on-line and came up with some great French learning resources. He says Dub, Austin, Bella and Tra are “catching on” really fast – and are helping Chance and Matty pick it up. Dub says French is “just like English, Spanish and ASL… just a little different.”
– Chad, Raef and “Bud” have been fishing every day and they’re getting our freezers stocked with crappie filets. So far, we’ve grilled, baked and fried crappie filets. Keon and I are planning to try roasting some next week. Dub would be perfectly happy living on crappie and veggies for the rest of his life. He told me he thought we should try making “crappie and veggie pizzas”. Ummm. Might be a good idea?
– Cal is an electrical engineer and is able to work on-line from here at the lake. Alex and Denise are throwing themselves into the new “Villas” project. Denise laughed and told us she had called her friend “Le-Ann” and told her about the Villas (in strictest confidence). She says telling Le-Ann something in strict confidence is “about the same as posting about it on Facebook.” Denise has already had five people call her – asking when the Villas will be available (it’ll be a long while). They took Bella over to the fishing camp yesterday afternoon (it’s vacant now except for the owners) and asked her to be part of the design team for the Villas. She thinks she’s in charge of the project now (and maybe is)! Alex asked us to thank “bw” for his comment about nitrogen removing biofilter septic systems. He said that’s what they put in for Ty and Damien’s cabin and it was “pricey” for sure. He’s hoping they can get a bargain price on 13 of them for the Villas project.
– Scott and Jim have been working on a “horseshoe pitching court.” They’re building it using the standard from the “National Horseshoe Pitchers Association” and it’s quite a project. Of course, there’ll be a separate court for kids. They’ve ordered NHPA sanctioned shoes on-line.
– Keon and I continue to work on-line, although our sales are off roughly 45%. Rick and Keon have been doing more work on their rock garden. They’re currently adding two covered “porch swings” and are planning a new BBQ pit.
So that’s (at least part of) what’s going on here. While we’re saying our prayers every day and hoping things will get “back to normal” before too long, life at Table Rock is pretty darned good. We hope you are all well, happy and managing this coronavirus thing successfully. It’s been great hearing from Beto, Brad and Larry – as well as our other friends. Stay safe. We’ll all get through this! xoxo David and Ben