His name is “Mauro,” and he’s a perfect example of the rare “purple-spotted unicorn”!

We’ve done lots of “series” posts here on URD, but never before one with 68 pics.
I thought about eliminating some… but couldn’t. This dude’s name is “Mauro” and I think he’s absolutely breathtaking. I just found him on the internet and know nothing about him. Based on how proud he is of his fuzzy little poop chute, I’m guessing he’s not necessarily straight?
“Mauro” is a “Portuguese and Southern-Italian form of the Latin name Maurus,” which means “Moor” or “dark skinned”. We’re hoping maybe Beto or Bill or one of you guys can give us more information.
In the mean-time, enjoy. He reminds me of Ben when we first met – and he’s a stunning little fucker 🙂

WHOA, dude. Big, bloated, beautiful boy-bones!

We’re still a week away from the Super Bowl but the excitement is definitely building. Dub asked Ben and me if we could host a “Red Friday Rally” here at our house next Friday afternoon after school – and we told him it’d be o.k. It’ll be in our garage and we spent a bunch of time this weekend clearing out stuff and getting ready. We told Dub to keep it to a small group – but Ben says the word has been spreading at school, so who knows how many will show up?? I asked Dub if he thought the Chiefs would win the game and he said “They should… but it depends on if they do the right stuff next week.” I said “What’s the right stuff?” He thought about it and said “I don’t know – I’m not a football player. But the Chiefs know what it is and they have to do it if they’re gonna win.” So, there you have it. We sure hope they do “the right stuff.” 🙂

It’s a “Friends Friday” look at some beautiful uncut boners!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. I told Ben I’d volunteer to do a Sunday pre-post to keep the blog going while we’re at the lake. He said he was doing a “Beautiful Things” post on Friday that would be pics of soft, uncut dicks. I haven’t seen it, but I love uncut dicks and thought I’d do a post of Hard ones. Hope you guys enjoy the contrast. I think they’re beautiful – hard or soft! xoxo Rick and Keon

I had one of those “parenting things” happen one morning last week. I was standing naked at the bathroom sink shaving (my neck and around my beard) and Travon walked in. He stood there for a minute and I saw him glance at my junk. I kept on shaving and he said “How come you’re different than my other dad and me?”
I assumed he was talking about my “cut” dick and proceeded to tell him that penises can look different from each other because people are different. I told him all boys are born with foreskin, but sometimes their parents decide to have it removed by a doctor. I assured him being different was o.k. He just stood there looking at me so I said “Understand?” He shook his head and said, “No.” I said “What don’t you understand?” He said “How come you have red hair but ours is black?”
…….WHOOPS…… At first I was kind of at a loss… then I just started laughing and bent down and gave him a big hug. Got shave cream all over his face but I was laughing so hard he started laughing too. I later told Keon about it and he thought it was one of the funniest things he’d ever heard. Of course, he had to tell David and Ben about it. Everyone had a big laugh… at my expense… and I’m guessing that’s what prompted Ben to do the “Beautiful things” post. OH, WELL 🙂