It’s Brad’s birthday… and that’s got everyone smiling!

Brad, we haven’t heard from you recently but as far as we’re concerned, you are and always be an important part of our URD family. Happy birthday, babe! We hope this finds you, hubby and Yaris happy and well and surviving the pandemic unscathed. We love you and wish you every happiness on your birthday and throughout the coming year. xox David, Ben and the Northland gang.

Barefoot boys with cheeks of…

We’ve done tons of “holes ‘n soles” posts over the years, but maybe not one where all the dudes still had all the natural hair “God gave ’em”. So, here are a bunch of boys who either don’t own razors – or at least don’t use them on their butt hair. YUM!

Hey, guys. It’s Chad. I saw on the “sneakers” post, that “bw,” “Denny” and “Kent” all mentioned Matty and wanted to know how he’s doing. The short answer is he’s doing fine. It’s been a little over three months since Rafe and I started “fostering” him and it’s been a whirlwind. The wedding… and moving to Table Rock… and the pandemic… and leasing a new house… and getting a new “schoolhouse”… and learning new languages…and so much more. If you think about how all this has impacted out little guy, it’s mind-blowing. We’re so proud of him and the way he’s adapted and he always has one of the greatest smiles God ever put on a kid’s face.
Last week, our attorney called and asked if we wanted to adopt “Mateo.” We said, “Of course” but we haven’t been fostering him all that long and don’t know how the State people would feel about that. Our attorney said she thought this might be the perfect time to file for adoption. She said Covid-19 has resulted in a “real mess” in the Department of Social Services and she thinks they’re trying to “work through foster cases” as rapidly as possible. So, we filed all the paperwork and we’re waiting to hear from the DSS. Our attorney says it may be several weeks before we get an answer, but she’ll stay on top of it. Raef and I are excited about the possibility of being “real parents” – and maybe a little scared too. We’d really appreciate your thoughts and prayers! xoxo Chad and Raef

Spice of life, dude!

Variety really IS the “spice of life.” Whether cut or uncut, hairy or shaved, young or old – these are some beautiful dudes – and it’s the variety that makes ’em so fuckin’ special!

Wow. What a magical… and BUSY… time of the year.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving over at Scott and Denise’s condo. Ben, Dub and I were headed over there and Dub said “We need to stop at Walgreens.” I said “What do we need at Walgreens?” He said “Bandages.” So, I said “Why do we need bandages?” and he said “So Chance won’t feel weird.” So, we stopped at Walgreens and went to the “Bandages & Bandaging Supplies” aisle. Dub said “I need to look exactly like Chance when we get there.” And Ben said “I don’t remember exactly what Chance’s bandages look like.” Dub pulled out his phone and showed us pics he’d taken of Chance and his bandages. So we bought a bunch of stuff and went out to the car and Ben and I wrapped up Dub’s head so it’d look like Chance’s. We did a pretty good job.
When we got to Denise and Scott’s condo, everyone wanted to know what had happened to Dub – and he said “Chance looks cool and want to look like him.”
When Cal, Alex and Chance got there, Chance took one look at Dub and the smile on his face was too incredible to believe. He walked over to Dub and put his arm around Dub’s shoulder and we all took about a hundred pics with our phones.
After a big dinner – and watching the Bears beat the Lions (the Bears are our fav NFL team – AFTER the Chiefs) – we came back home to finish our outdoor Holiday decorations. We had the big exterior lighting “reveal” at dusk and the neighborhood lighting is awesome. This year, we added 5 big candy canes to the front planting area and our lighting is either “COOL” according to Dub – or “Wretched excess” according to me 🙂
We hope you guys had wonderful Thanksgivings and that you’re busy planning for Christmas. It really is a magical time of the year!