Fuckering Heights!

We had a comment from our excellent friend, Beto, saying:
“P.S.: A post suggestion for sometime: “Fuckering Heights” (see if you like the title or not), i.e., unrulybois having sex on places such as balconies, top of buildings, towers, elevators, roofs, stairs, top of cars/trucks/buses/trains, bridges, hills/mountains, trees… well, the sky is the limit. ?”
We loved the idea and both of us went to work on it… but we couldn’t find the pics. Just like that. We struck out. If there are pics of guys having sex in/on high places, we don’t know where they are. However, we DID find some nice shots of naked boys in high places… and we liked ’em. So, with an apology to Beto, here they are.