Fleecy asses and Furry cracks!

Our friend “bw” asked recently: “Would I be the only one interested in a fleecy ass/furry crack post?” And the answer is I seriously doubt it. So here are some nice, furry cracks that definitely make MY mouth water. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of eating one of the asses in this post – but I won’t tell you which one. Thanks for the suggestion, “bw”.

Dude, Look!! Holes, Poles ‘n Huevos.

Had a post request from “Bstarr” saying: “I would like to see pics of guys showing their hard cock and balls, and assholes all at the same time. Whenever I see pics like that they drive me wild!”
I couldn’t agree more… and that’s why there’ve been so many “holes ‘n soles” and “holes ‘n poles” posts on my blogs over the years. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, babe. Hope these “holes, poles and huevos” do it for you!

Dude. You wanna see sum nasty, furry ass?

Today’s post was first suggested by “hnghry,” who said: “hey Buff. need some nasty furry asses to look at. can you get that?”
Then, earlier this morning, “mud dog” commented, “great stuff buff! you’ve done saggy balls and straight on dicks, how about some hairy ass!? nothing like a nice hairy man ass to get one going!”
I couldn’t agree with you guys more… so here are some nasty, furry asses to get us going. Thanks for the requests, guys!