Dude. Ya got a itch, ya gotta scratch it!

Hi, guys. It’s Rick. Since I didn’t get this posted on Friday, I guess we’ll call it “Friends Sunday.” Sorry about that.
Here’s the thing. Sometimes when Keon and I are all sexed-up, instead of sucking and fucking we jack off together. Yup. Just grab our dicks and spank our monkeys. We maybe sniff each others pits or kiss a bit, but mainly we just beat off. I’ve noticed when we do that, Keon usually has one or more of his fingers in his butt and, of course so do I. Keon says any guy who says he doesn’t like to finger his hole while he’s wankin’ his crank is probably also an election denier. So, I hope you’ll like these pics of dudes fingering their buttholes while they’re doing whatever else feels good. xoxo Rick (and Keon)

We’ve all been really busy getting ready for the big Halloween hayride and costume party at Hawks nest. Ben, Chad and Silas have invited all the kids in their school to the hayride… plus all parents and other teachers to the costume party. It’s the first social thing for all the kids, teachers and parents so it’ll be really interesting to see how it works out. I’m guessing (or at least hoping) everyone will have a great time! We’ll let you know.

Fleecy asses and Furry cracks!

Our friend “bw” asked recently: “Would I be the only one interested in a fleecy ass/furry crack post?” And the answer is I seriously doubt it. So here are some nice, furry cracks that definitely make MY mouth water. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of eating one of the asses in this post – but I won’t tell you which one. Thanks for the suggestion, “bw”.

Dude, Look!! Holes, Poles ‘n Huevos.

Had a post request from “Bstarr” saying: “I would like to see pics of guys showing their hard cock and balls, and assholes all at the same time. Whenever I see pics like that they drive me wild!”
I couldn’t agree more… and that’s why there’ve been so many “holes ‘n soles” and “holes ‘n poles” posts on my blogs over the years. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, babe. Hope these “holes, poles and huevos” do it for you!