Happy birthday dear Huck, Happy birthday to you!

Today is our farm boy Huck’s birthday and here’s his comment from back on June 26th:
“Hey guys, great Saturday post ? I know I don’t comment enough, but I check it out pretty often (especially Tuesdays and Saturdays)… This year the farm is literally two hours before sun-up till hours after sun-down.. I’ll take time to check in, but don’t always have time to post comments.. Anyhoo.. My birthday is coming up, July 11 ? I think yall know what I like (twink holes twink Soles twink holes twink Soles) ? no pressure, there’s lots of time ? damn where are all the other young skinny gay farmers, come to Texas!!”
So, here you go, babe. Lots of soles. Lots of holes. And lots and lots of birthday wishes to a very special friend. Happy birthday, Huck. Hope your day is filled with oh-so-lickable boy holes and soles!

Look, dude. Holes ‘n Soles!

A while back, “Huck” commented, saying: “Hey guys.. Could yall do a good ol fashioned “Holes and Soles” post? Seems like its been a while, and holes and soles are my absolute fave! (Especially smooth twink types)… keep up the good work!”
So, this morning, David asked me if I wanted to do this post. I said, “Sure,” and started looking through the folders. David has 9 “un-posted holes and soles” folders. Everything from “hairy” to “smooth” to “multiples” to “faceless” to close-up” to “twink” – you get the idea. So I just ran through the folders and pulled out pics I particularly like. I think they’re yummy. I think I’ll go eat David’s hole.

Happy bottoms!

Had a post request this morning from “Bob” wanting to see guys smiling or enjoying being fucked. This isn’t the post Bob asked for (I’ll get to that later), but it reminded me of this post I already had put together. Boys… Guys… Dudes… showing us their assholes and being damned happy about it. S L U R P ! ! !